The Colder It Gets The Faster It Goes?

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by BAM, Nov 27, 2009.

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    :cool2:do 2cyles like cold air mine sure does last couple of rides in the 50s my bike is just flying along top speed normaly 27 28 now with cold weather iam at 30 31 iam waiting for something to come flying out its a 69cc stock 44tooth 1000miles give or take a few just wanted to know if anyone else had same experance

  2. ibdennyak

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    Any engine should act the same....colder air is denser....kind of like putting a small turbocharger on the engine. It probably helps if your engine is slightly rich to begin with. Sadly, in my case, I will probably never know....can't get the friggin thing started below about 20. :icon_cry:
  3. BAM

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    I knew somthing was up cold air good for bike not so good for me gloves hat scarf carharts
  4. ibdennyak

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    :grin5: yeah, try Alaska sometime.......brrrr
  5. motorpsycho

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    yes that's right. any time you can lower the temp of the intake charge (fuel / air) you will make more power. cold air is denser than warm air, so in effect you are getting more air into the engine. This is why you need to choke the carb. on cold start up. by choking it, you are reducing the amount of air that is getting sucked into the engine so it will start. once the engine is warmed up, it will suck in the cold air and make more power. This is why they invented ram air and cowl induction on muscle cars. these hoods and intake systems only suck outside air into the carb. which is colder than the air that's under the hood. even if it's 80 degrees outside, the 80 degree outside air is colder than the 300 + degree air that's under the hood. every engine will make more power when it gets cold air sucked into it.
    Nitrous oxide will actually freeze because it gets so cold. when you inject nitrous oxide into an engine, you drastically reduce the temp of the intake charge. (plus the nitrous helps the gas burn a lot faster).
    on drag cars, we used to run what is called a "cool can". a cool can is escentially an insulated can, with metal fuel line tightly coiled up inside of it. you would fill the can with dry ice, and the fuel would run through it, cooling it down which made more power.
    any time you add cold fuel or air to a warm will make more power.
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    From my time running extremely sensitive nitro r/c engines, I've learned that cold air leans out the mixture. Many motorbikes [including mine] run rich, so any small amount of leaning helps a good bit.
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    Every 2 stroke I have had, loves the cold. Sound, runs, faster better. Was surprised to find when I bought a Honda that she prefers the hot.
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    Air cooled engines like cool air. COOOOOOOLLLLLDDDDDD DD D D DD air is another story.

    Have you guys tried fuel additives like IsoHeet or Lucas Gas Treatment?

    Yeah, fall is the best time to ride. Our "fall" runs into december, then we get winter into March. hahaha.

    with a motor bike now I can ride all year. I hate riding in winter for my lungs burning and getting hot and cold. Now I can just be cold hahahhaa. And the vibration tickles my legs.
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    too bad the intake is on the wrong side for a "ram air" effect, I guess it's like that for easy solution in dumping the exhaust.
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    re: carharts

    Are you talking about the duck-hunting overalls made of heavy canvass with insulated linings? I love those! Since you don't have to pedal much, it wouldn't bind you up to cause any worry.

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    Yes carharts all though said to say i maybe done riding for the year winter strom warnings today 4 to 12 inchs of snow!!! THIS IS NORTHERN MICHIGAN JUST have to fire up the ski doo it loves cold air too!!!
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    "colder air is denser" Right on Denny! I'm no expert but I'd run it a little richer in cold weather also..... The gas and especially the oil w/our 2 stks tends to gel up... You want that good stuff in the chamber!!! Lubrication is important for you younger guy's...

    Especially if your gonna run that thing hard when it's cold... Take it from your Brother in Buffalo!
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    Yeah, sometimes it gets so *dense* here that you have to shovel it into the engine. :jester:
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    We're under the gun of a major storm right now. Under 30 degrees w/60+mph winds and gobs of Lake effect snow!
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    Yeah, talked to friends in Minnesota earlier. Looks like there is bad weather all the way across the US. :ack2:
  16. Danny3xd

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    She said; "Can you get the snow blower going today" "I'll get it going in the morning" I said.

    BBL, we have about 6" and it's turning to rain. LOL
  17. SNow this morning in boston, turned to rain thank god. As much as I love to see the college kids falling down I hate fighting them for the last remaining spots in the snow.
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    You could make some kind of scoop! If you are willing to modify the existing box, you could cut the righ side out of the filter box and mount a metal plate to the cover, bent at an angle to scoop air into the box. I would try it on a spare one first. And if its really cold where you live, this may bring water/moisture into your box or over cool your intake causing sputtering or erratic running.

    I plan on making a homemade filter box as the next upgrade.

  19. happycheapskate

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    Well poo! What do you do if it gels up?

    In diesel trucks, we add gasoline to the diesel (maybe 1 gallon per 100 gallons of diesel) to free up gelled fuel.

    this is a gas mix already, so what can you do? blow on your carb with a hairdryer in lieu of a glow plug (a glow plug would probably blow up a gas motor haha) ?