The Collection's starting!



So, I just bought my second motor, gonna throw it in a real nice cruiser this time. I was thinking of the skull skates cruiser, they seem really nice. I'll get some pics going as soon as I have dig. camera to take them with!



Welcome to the adiction Rocket. I started with one, now I have five runners, two bikes in progress, four more engines laying around and one really shiney one in my living room. The fun I have found in having in having several bikes is trying diffrent engines, as you can see from my signature, I don't stick to one engine type. So far my favorite engine id the Grubee 48cc round head, it seems to have more power and is quieter than any of the other bikes I have. Yep I'm hooked hard...My name is Kelly and I'm a bikeoholic.


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Nov 4, 2006
"Hi Kelly"

yup, I'm up to 5 bikes motored and don't really see an end in sight. :LOL:
I have a grubee roundhead 48 still in the box & can't decide what to put it on. I know..... I can post some bike pics in a poll and let you guys decide what I build. Yes Rocket, it is an illness. 8) j/k
best of luck on your build. do we get pics?
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