The Crash Course for MotoredBike NOOBs


Apr 3, 2012
Id like to buy a cold beer for all the experts that have taken time to teach us beginners how to avoid all the common mistakes. The info in this thread alone I would have paid for let alone all the other tips and tricks everyone shares. I tried to check so this wasnt reposting an existing tip and if I am account it to old In following the advice listed here first thing I did was tear my engine apart and locktite and replace hardware and do an inspection. At the edges of the intake and exhaust directly at the cylindar wall were fine edges from casting that were never ground, and easily could have flaked off from heat or vibration and ended up destroying the cylinder walls. A fine rat tail file and some very fine sandpaper cured this issue but had it not been for the info here I could have likely been replacing an engine. Thanks again guys and enjoy the ride!!


Nov 14, 2013

I just noticed the and read through "The crash course for MotoredBike NOOBs", of which I'm one. I'm embarrassed to say, I wish I had seen this two days ago, when I first tripped across this site. The information there has helped me tremendously. As I mentioned in my into, I'm new to MABs (just learned what that means, thanks to a nice member), but not new, to small (49-58cc) 2 wheelers.
I'm liking this crowd and feel comfortable laying out my questions, for this, I thank all that have responded to my "NOOB" questions.
For the record, I always felt, as with other forums, to which I belong, I'll lose my "NOOB" title when I can answer more questions, than I ask.
Happy Motoring.....


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Jan 23, 2015
Random idea

So ive been on this website for a couple weeks and am in the process of building my own bike, its mostly just fine tuning at this point, but i was thinking about building a fairing that would cover up the whole engine area to prevent people messing with it when im not aound, is this a good idea or are there better solutions out there? it is a beach cruiser, just a basic huffy 26" from walmart.Thanks in advance