The craziness continues

This was back in the late 70's/early 80's. Had the last one almost blow my hand off with a really quick fuse on it. Usually the fuse would last about 10 seconds. Not this one it was 3 seconds and boom. Never touched another after that. Messed with my ear drums too for a couple of hours. Strapping about 10 Black Cats together with tape you can still get a good bang. Not an m80 but gud nuff.
When they outlawed M80s and cherry bombs, we pulled out carbide cannons we made in shop class or walnut cannons made from pieces of well pipe. Guys like things that go boom almost as much as things that go brapppppp!
Guys like things that go boom almost as much as things that go brapppppp!
These are the Boom, Booms I get to hear multiple times a day for almost everyday of the week where I live in Alamogordo, NM, home of Holloman Air Force Base with lots and lots of

That doesn't include experimental aircraft, drones, and rockets at the adjoining White Sands Missile

The video below will give ya a decent idea of what it is

Appreciate it, Risk Man. Is that a Whizzer in your Avatar?
Yes it is. I have owned 5 Whizzers so far. That was my only Classic one that I sold after I refurbished it..... My pride is my Gator bike now along with my Motoped Cruzer. I also have an ambassador completely disassembled waiting to rebuild. The ambassador picture is before teardown as found. Twin 2002 bikes were sold after refurbishing and riding for a year. Just sold my first bike, 2 stroke "Risky's Ride"...


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Sold my WC-1 after it was flooded in one of our many hurricanes. Often wondered how one would perform with a IGH and other upgrades.
You mean like a shift kit? I think one of the last models of whizzer had an auto 2 speed like the comet auto 2 speed.

The whizzer engines can put out a good bit of torque, the only hubs I know of that can reliably take that kind of torque are Rohloff speedhubs, Nuvinci/Enviolo, and Kindernay. There's are some other high power ebike specific hubs but those haven't hit market.

Off the top of my head some enviolos can take 100nm of torque, the ebike specific rohloff can take 140nm and at least one kindernay can take 160nm.
Any gearing would help. My Whizzer had plenty of power, but it was geared so high it would die on takeoff. A real nightmare when I rode it in a couple of parades.
I think this is our biggest problem.. single speed drive.

You have to pick a ratio that suits the majority of your riding time well.

I know there’s jackshaft set ups and IGH’s. These options come with their own set of complexities too.
I agree about complexities, Nick. Just completed a conversion from a 7-speed cassette to a 3-speed IGH, the same Shimano setup I used on my first build which was flooded during the same hurricane as the Whizzer. That Shimano IGH handled the 1hp Huasheng without any problems. Wonder how the torque of a Whizzer compares to a Huasheng or Honda GHX.