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Do you think CRU is a good thing, or a bad thing?

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    Hello fellow motor bike riders. I'm currently considering a club, so to speak. CRU = Charity Riders United. The intention of this, is to raise awareness to the public, hoping to gain more riders, hold rallies in different cities around the world, and raise a ton of money for various charities. It will put forth a good, positive message about who we are, and what we stand for. The politico will crack down on us soon enough, they already are in some places. If we stay as single riders, with no real intention but to just have fun, we are going to get shut down eventually. Expecially with all the upgrades available etc. This is how I see it. Why not see the problem and solve it before it becomes an issue? If we're constantly raising alot of money for various charities, we will gain support from charities, local communities, and eventually, government. THIS IS NOT A "GANG" This is a group of riders worldwide, that ride at events locally to help raise money for charities. I'm currently holding a rally in Sudbury, Ontario. It's now a sponsored event, and all sponsorships will go to charity. As well as a food drive, BBQ, and a public bike show. Everything is going amazing so far, and I have gained a TON of support, because it's for charity.

    If you would like to become leader of your city's chapter of CRU, please private message me, and I'd love to discuss the details. Remember, The point is to get more people on a motorized bicycle, put forth a good, trusted name for what we do, and gain politico support, so we can loose the uneasiness of not knowing whether we are accepted or not. (outlaw status)

    This is in no way a negative thing, it will only benifit us, and the more riders involved with CRU, the better and faster things will progress to the better.

    Please private message me if you have a desire to become a part of my CRU. Thank you.


    Oshawa, Ontario CRU leader, ADDICTED BICYCLE CUSTOMS
    Sudbury, Ontario CRU leader, WHELAN WHEELS
    Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia CRU leader, TECHNOCYCLIST

    If you'd like to become a part of CRU, and lead your city's chapter, please private message me.

  2. machiasmort

    machiasmort Active Member

    Great idea and true in thought!

    If you guy's ever wanted, I'm a lone wolf here in Buffalo... Set something up to get just this side of the Peace Bridge, Park your cars somewhere and we'll ride the bike path! It's a nice jaunt. Goes from downtown Buffalo to Tonawanda!


    Thank you Machiasmort! I will keep in mind your offer, now here's mine. :) Would you like to become CRU leader of Buffalo? You may be a lone rider, but the whole point is to influence other riders, hold events for charity, which will also influence other riders, and influence a good name to MB riders everywhere. I'm currently based on, I came to this site to spread even further. At this point, I have 7 chapters of CRU worldwide. It starts with a leader, and in time, Buffalo CRU could gain in numbers, as will the rest of the CRU chapters. So, would you like the position? There are really no obligations, our rallies will be based annually in the cities where CRU leaders are based. I will work directly with each CRU leader, to help organize and lead. I'd love a Buffalo chapter, are you in?
  4. augidog

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    this is what i get for having chowder & saltines for lunch & sleeping til 9pm...

    hiya, ADDICTED...of course i wouldn't vote that a charity-riders org would be a bad thing, but sheesh ya forgot the MBc standard "i don't vote in polls" ;)'s good to see more contemporary efforts at organizing, and it seems you have the dedication to take things forward...rock-on, fellow mb'er.

    the "movement" to this point has been a real study in micro-sociololgy...our vehicles are based on "universal" kits on bicycles...standards have been a long time in coming, divisive social thinking the norm. BUT, like you, i see more in the future...if you've taken a bicycle and turned it into an effective & efficient motor-vehicle, you're my bro or sis, period.

    i've dabbled in organized racing & rallies with mixed success, others have dabbled in charity runs...and there is so much more we can do over time...for example, MB's make so much sense for support fleets for charity-walks and pedal-bicycle events.

    my mysite account allows for me being included in a "web-ring" setup...if all i had to do was what i'm already doing, but i included a link to my favorite charity and was a part of a larger unified effort, no way that would be a bad thing.

    no, i don't wanna be a leader of a local anything, been there done that no return, but should you get your effort off the ground i'd happily associate with it.

    no matter what style of MB you ride, if you're properly representing then you're my compadre...i'll be watching out for a charity-riders webring, and if it materializes i'll get on board :cool2:


  6. arceeguy

    arceeguy Active Member

    This is humor only, don't get excited........

    I don't get the whole "________ for charity" concept.

    I had a woman leave a little pamphlet at my mailbox soliciting money for some charity walk. I am to pledge a certain dollar amount for every kilometer walked. (20K walk) This woman walks around the neighborhood for exercise all day long. (literally for hours a day) This is something she obviously likes to do. So with this charity event, a bunch of people get to do what they enjoy doing, and collect money for some charity for doing it. Hmmmmmmmmmmm........

    Why don't these "_______ for charity" groups do things like - we'll come and cut your grass and trim your hedges if you pledge X dollars? Maybe pressure wash your deck? Detail your car? Clean your gutters?

    I guess my point is when you do something for charity, shouldn't it be something of a sacrifice and not what you enjoy doing? I regularly help out at a local food bank. They usually have the guys unload the boxes of canned food (heavy!) while the ladies sort the food items into their "care packages" for the needy. No money required, just time and a few Advil for afterwards.........

    Maybe I should solicit a "sex for charity" event, where members will pledge to have sex with their wives/girlfriends 3 times a day for a week to raise money for STD awareness. lol
  7. machiasmort

    machiasmort Active Member

    Exactly AG, "how much will you give me if I get a healthy tooth pulled"! Surprised nobody is doing it on E-bay yet!:jester:
  8. augidog

    augidog New Member

    aw...i'm busted!

    ok, how about if i grimace when i "ride for charity" like it's a hardship or something?

    not-smiling when i ride would be a hardship, i tellyawut :jester:

    yaknow, yer right of course...i guess i think about this thing more like "raising awareness" of your favorite issue...and if it's a good cause, why not attract attention, which we already do anway...lots of folks will give a bit when it's presented to them in an interesting way :cool2:

    btw arcee', i really hate std's...where do i sign up? 'mort, i hate having dental-work too, so count me out.
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  9. arceeguy

    arceeguy Active Member

    I can see it now, a MB "poke her" run for charity..........
  10. augidog

    augidog New Member

    well, if i present my "cause" in an interesting way, maybe someone will give a bit, eh?

    sorry, addicted b'...we'll get over it soon enuff. i voted "GOOD" to make up for our tomfoolery :)

    carry on, buddy :cool:
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