The currency of cooperation

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    Here's one of those gems of the internet you might enjoy. The nature of a forum like this corresponds with Eisenstein's thinking. As the flaws and consequences of our economy and monetary system rapidly become apparent reasoning like found in this book will help in the creation of a better way.

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    Hmmm, frankly I'm a bit surprised to see currency demurrage raised as a topic here, certainly not that it's invalid. Rather good to see the idea see some airing, old as it is.

    The end of usury and the ultimate in free enterprise: one must think on one's feet as the velocity of money is increased.

    There are very powerful forces that keep it surpressed for obvious, self-serving reasons....starting in grade school.....wash, rinse, repeat.

    Ironically, it's ususally dismissed as some arcane economists bruhaha, all the while no one questions the present scheme or why the L in LIBOR refers to London. Que bono?

    Yours is a good link, albeit a lengthy read. As addendum, a quick read:

    and an historical account:
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    train of conciousness

    Thanks for the links Happy. I find politics to be part of the bread and circus, helping to hide or distract us from the ways we allow ourselves to be controlled. Since there was a little friction here about content not relevant to motored biking I wanted to share something that runs deeper than the supposed issues in the media.

    I see the mb community as diverse individuals seeking freedom, pleasure, efficiency and economy near the fringe of our systems. It doesn't hurt us to consider how we might differ from the herd or powers that be. Or to recognize what constitutes a frontier and why we feel better, more alive when doing something a bit different. Forgive my wide and circuitous tracks.
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    We are not told what to think, just what to think about.

    Divide loyaties with the "choice" of political parties rooted for with the vigor of a fan at a football game, another arena sport.