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    In our country, as regulated by Decree 341/2002 and a EU directive.
    Motored bike (gasoline) have to meet the requirements:
    • max. speed: 25 km/h
    • volume: to 50 ccm
    • max. power: 1kW
    • retain the character of bicycle

    But can not call it a motored bike /motorbike / moped! The correct name is "bicycle additionally supplemented with auxiliary small engine". Need not to have a driver's license, insurance, helmet, lights, etc.

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    Pretty similar to regulations in, perhaps, half of the States of the US. Though 25 kph is not very fast. Mostly our speed limit is 20 miles per hour. Call it 30 kph. That's pretty close.

    We tend to be careful about our terminology here. We call them motorized bikes or motor-assisted bicycles. That's mainly to discourage busy-bodies from pointing their fingers at us and hollering, "That's an illegal moped!" It's tedious.

    But 'bicycle additionally supplemented with auxiliary small engine' is tedious as well. The EU bureaucrats are sounding something like the Central Committee bureaucrats.

    But I guess we can be grateful that they didn't simply outlaw them.