The Dark Rider (custom 98cc Schwinn)

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    I will list as many details as I can think of. This build started with a Schwinn cantilever frame and a 98cc Lifan side-valve 4 stroke minibike engine. It progressed from there to where it is now. I've got Suzuki K10 forks, a Worksman front drum, a Wheelmaster rear wheel with a genuine Shimano CB110 coaster brake hub and a Manic adapter and sprocket, a custom gearbox, a Worksman seat, a repop Whizzer tank, some luggage rack from ebay, M-wave day tripper double panniers, Kenda K838 26 x 1.95 tires, a 36t chainring to lower the pedal gearing a bit, a moped style headlight and a brake light made from an old Yamaha turn signal. Both lights are led. I'm running them off a 1.2Ah 12v sla battery. I attempted a charging circuit with a bottle dynamo and a mini-charger from wonderful creations, but I think I fried the genny, so I'll be ordering a wall-charger for the battery. I may replace the generator later on if I can figure out how to properly heat-sink it. I am also soon going to be changing the clutch shoes. I installed a heavy spring and now the shoes are too light for the spring, and the clutch slips on takeoff. I have some heavier shoes, just havent gotten to it yet. Probably Tuesday. Anyway, here's a couple pics. Enjoy.

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    I definitely fried the generator, but I think I know why. Too small of a drive gear on the generator for a motorized bike. The generator spun too fast and overheated. I'm going to order a replacement generator, and I'm also planning to use a large r/c car wheel as a drive roller for the generator. I also got my clutch engaging much more smoothly by loosening the primary chain as much as possible. I attempted to install heavier shoes, but the shoes I got were too big for my clutch. But loosening the primary chain has made the clutch much smoother. I took her for a spin around the block, and there is no more clutch chatter. It doesn't accelerate super quick, but quick enough, and the clutch does lock up immediately.