The Death Clutch

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    My clutch is so hard to pull, it would make a gorilla cry. I had a dangerous test ride yesterday, my hand went numb and gave out while doing a u-turn and I almost bumped into a fence. My fingers are bruised from it too. I'm no whimp, I've dealt with hard clutches and brakes on dirt bikes and ATVs before. This is different, it's almost impossible to pull... most of my friends couldn't pull it a centimeter. The clutch arm is where it wants to be and the motor runs great, but slow speed operation just feels sketchy right now. I plan on doing a lot of peddling too so I need to make it easy to lock. When the engine is on it turns the wheel even without touching the throttle. Do the Chinese killswitches kill the engine? I killswitch when I get off of the bike. I know I need to take the cable out of the jacket and apply the lube that the slopeheads forgot. Somebody on here said to route the cable without the small spring as well. I was wondering if there are any products out there that help with slow speed operation and peddling. I've seen the autoclutch belt systems but I think those are for women and they look stupid. Safety is very important to me as I am new to motored bikes and I live around a lot of busy roads with drunk rednecks and teenagers going 65 in a 35 all day and all night. I travel around town using grass, sidewalks, neighborhoods, and forest paths when I'm on foot because Clermont County is very anti-pedestrian.

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    and have news for you belt drive has been around long before your daddy was a gleem in your grandpa's eye

    1909 Triumph rides08040701.jpg
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    clutch dragging means it needs adjustment, hard pull means something is seriously wrong (usually cable routing) - get rid of small spring on cable as it does no good
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    May guess would be that, since you have a new engine/ clutch combo, you need to get into the clutch and make sure to loosen up the assembly. Proper set up of the butterfly nut can be made, too.

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    Routing your clutch cable around a roller wheel mechanism will solve your excessive clutch lever hand pressure issues.


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    I have a couple of suggestions for you.
    Most do when new, an easy way to relax it a bit is just leave the clutch locked closed when not in use the few days until the clutch springs relaxes a bit.
    When it's just right leave the clutch unlocked when parked.
    That is just an adjustment you can make in 4 places but not your main issue.

    The small cable springs only functional purpose with these engines is to make it hard to pull clutch lever so just throw it away ;-}
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    Thanks for the advice everyone. You guys are suggesting things I haven't even thought about. I'm going to follow all of what I've been told. That cable may be a ***** but I'll get it fixed up right. I've never seen a set up like Fabian's, it looks smooth as hell. I know the belt systems have been around for awhile, I just prefer the chain and sprockets. I'll post some pictures later.
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    Here's a picture, it's blurry because it's from my phone. It's a late 1960's Huffy Good Vibrations and she vibrates a bit more now. $120 Chinese 2 Stroke kit. The rear fender had to be cut and raised. I plan on bending the muffler more so I can clear curbs. Does anybody know what kind of rubber item works best with motor mount impovision? Like something from Home Depot...

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    Is that good advise: deliberately weakening the clutch spring that's responsible for applying pressure to the clutch pressure plate. Ideally you don't want to do anything that weakens (or softens) the clutch pressure plate clamping force on a single plate clutch system.
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    I was not the originator of the idea.

    When experiencing the same problems you have encountered with overly heavy clutch lever pressure force, i used the "search" function on the website to research available options. Someone else had come up with a roller guide system, so i just copied the idea; modifying it to work with the SickBikeParts shift kit; and to allow the clutch roller assembly to remain fixed on the shift kit when removing the clutch cover.

    With using a Teflon coated inner cable and an outer cable with a Teflon core and the clutch roller wheel system, you can pull in the clutch lever with your little finger.

    These links are just example of what is available, but other brands will achieve the same result. The principle of gear shift cables is also used in brake cables. I have just included the link to show you how the outer cable is constructed with a Teflon inner core:
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