The Desire To Ride is back, with a whole new approach, and new bike

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    I used to post here two years ago back when I had my Motorized Bicycle.

    After no longer having it, and having a hard time keeping up my old car, being my only transport, other than pedal bicycle, and needing good spare/alternate transportation, I just FREEKING CANT stop thinking about riding the darn motoredbike!

    I need something else to ride/drive so I can repair the car, and I'm wanting to go extra legal, and get a LICENSE PLATE/TAG!

    Way I plan to do this, is get a dead moped with a good VIN, go and get the tag for it first, then build the moped into an awesome ELECTRIC motorized bicycle, so I can ride safely with some power, and have a tag, so cops can't pull me over and tell me I can't ride it. I want to do it right this time.

    Also, I want to go ELECTRIC DRIVE. That's right, ZnsaneRyder wants batteries and a big electric motor, so it's an electric vehicle, so that helps with any questions about HP and legality, hence being stopped by cops.

    However, I haven't completely changed my ways, as I really love those gas engines, so.................The idea Have an ELECTRIC BIKE with PEDALS, and a LEGAL TAG, but rebuild the moped, use a really small gasoline low-cc generator (49/79cc just in case, nothing big) (with some circuits, details withheld) to charge the batteries, so when I'm sitting stopped in traffic, or if I'm going slow, I can have the gas generator run to extend my mileage, or feed enough to the electric motor to propel the bike, and electric+batteries still allow bursts of high power. (electric makes much more HP than gas engine could provide peak, but normal riding for legality around 1HP min goal/5HPburst) I will hide&modify the mini gas generator as best as possible to make it quiet, look like a battery, or part of the bike, as I DO NOT want it very obvious I have gasoline. I'm covering all bases here.

    I don't know how long it will take to get the parts, how much it will cost, how much time it will take to build it, but I WILL get my bike going again. I don't care if I have to save $2500 to build it over time, I really want to ride.

    Any input on this would be fine. If you have suggestions about getting broken/junk taggable mopeds and would like to enlighten me, feel free to do so. I still want pedals in case the electric fails, and I like helping the motor with human strength on takeoff, that's why I can't get over riding one again.

    Also, recommend electric motors are fine too, I'm considering a powerful front hub motor, or twin front and rear hub motors.......
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  2. much cheaper options

    use a small model airplane motor to turn an alternator into 12/24/36 volts.
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    What size small airplane motor are you recommending, and how do you connect the alternator to the engine?:detective:
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    You're Back!

    Welcome back, Znsane Ryder,

    I still remember your stories of being stopped by the police. They thought you were pedalling like a drug addict, with a stolen water pressure motor tied onto a handcart. In fact, your push cart frame WAS a handcart, right?

    If you're low on cash and need to cover large distances on a regular basis, I wouldn't recommend a motorized bicycle. Just buy a used Honda moped or Honda scooter for cheap. I bought a high-mileage Honda 150cc scooter for $350. It needed lots of work, but should get me to longer distances for cheap.

    If you just need to travel around five miles at 25mph, an MB would work fine.

    Nice to hear from Znsane Ryder again!:jester:
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    Thanks guys!!!!

    Thanks for the welcome back BTW 5-7HEAVEN. Since I'm looking for a broken moped, heck, a cheap used running one could work too! I'd still like to go electric for many reasons, but just like my old bike trailers, I can build/modify/add on when I like...........

    BTW, 1st bike trailer was indeed a handcart (pic in my Avatar) 2nd Trailer, faster and more improved homemade frame with single wheel. (pic in my signature)

    The MB I previously rode before, used to be GREAT for long distances on a regular basis, until numerous cops tell me I'm stealing my own gas engine, or that I can't ride, just to have the charges dropped in court, and end up losing my bike despite the fact I was supposedly legal. But that's alright!

    After seeing another MBC member DOUG, an older fellow in Panama Florida getting bothered by Law Enforcement recently for his bike, and made the newspaper, only makes me want to ride MORE to show those folks out there that if there's a will, there's a way, and WE WILL RIDE!
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    I am in the gestapo state.
    The only way to ride here un- bothered is with a plate on the back.

    Look on Craiglist for a moped with the paperwork and proceed with your plan.
    That is what I did. The plate is the golden sign to leave me alone.
    I do ride with a safety vest on and ride cautiously and the bike is quiet (unlike most of the annoying mufflerless cycles around here).

    Do not even think about an alternator. They are power hogs, about 50% efficient.

    My 2 cents- forget electric power too.

    One of the reasons for me to go with the moped reg. is most of them are exempt here for the state inspection. Another hassle avoided.

    Another 2 cents- buy a moped that runs nice ( a new Tomoso?) if you want to make sure you get to where you want to go with no breakdowns. These bikes we ride are fun but a factory- made ride doesn't usually need fiddling with.
  7. I kept it simple

    I keep it simple. you can use any dc generator and belt drive. I am making one as a wind turbine with an old treadmill motor ,but they are too big for a bike. It does not have to be an alternator. I was just trying to explain the possibilities of battery charging for cheap. same with a bike. you could even wind power your battery charger. not much charge but will work. ebay has small dc generators for under $50.
    It brings up some interesting possibilities.
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    It seems that way now everywhere, despite the laws regarding the bikes.

    At least if your tag is being run, it comes up as a moped or a valid motor vehicle, or at least if the tag is visible, cop won't assume it's an illegal vehicle, and move on......

    I don't want to get a pedal-less moped, because I want the simplicity/repairablity and pedals of a motorized bicycle, or at least just the pedals. They don't make mopeds with pedals anymore.....

    It feels to me if I just settle for a pedal-less moped or just drive my car, I'm letting THEM win. I REFUSE to let them win, and for the sake of Florida Riders and Riders all over the world. We have the right use have motorized pedals.