the elusive hub

jake said:
is a drum brake the same as a band brake?

I am not sure...I always thought band brake tightened around something, where a drum expands the shoes

but... I have been known to be wrong before :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
and as long as it's a brake and has the sprocket mount, it''ll work for me 8)
Edit the title to rear hub w/brake. It will be an easy search for others.

No deep linking here Act like you're going to order a bike. In the options they list several rear hubs. The one with a brake is for a single speed a lists for $80. Ask if they will sell one seperate or offer you a source. Mention this site. :)
Best I got...Good luck!
road warrior! 8)

i bet they'da put some MB's in the films if they'd been around...
does grubee sell those to individuals at all or is it a... dream to get one?
a new member has the whopper stopper kit, wonder where it came from?

we're trying to hunt down reputable and reliable sources for grubee stuff...see my other topic in here.
aye augi... I posted there talking about it a day or two ago. Was just curious.

Note: The parts supplier listed in Grubee's site does not carry hubs and things like that due to the massive quantity needed to be ordered apparently. Other parts are the same way so I have no idea that may be the barrier to entry for this is not enough people order the stuff?