The end of the age and the baby eagles

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    When it is time for the little eagle to fly, the parent eagle begins to lighten the nest. Slowly, the nest becomes more and more uncomfortable. The little bugger comes to a place where so much of the nest has been thrown overboard that it can't find a good spot to relax.
    This is when the mother bird does the unthinkable- junior gets to test his wings.

    It kinda looks like we have entered that time of discomfort- called "The birthpangs".
    The disasters have been increasing in frequency.

    Every time I click on Yahoo weather there is a flood or earthquake or hurricane or storm somewhere.

    I had hoped the fake "climate change" might make the frozen North a little milder. Oh well.

    Have you seen the reports of the dead birds and fish in various locations across the planet?

    Now, I am not saying there is someone lightening the nest, this could just be the planet in revulsion to something.

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    Those of knowledge know exactly what's going on Pro.