The finished (haha) article! Pics added

Discussion in 'Photos & Bicycle Builds' started by Chopper, May 4, 2007.

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  1. Chopper

    Chopper Guest

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  2. jwibbity

    jwibbity Guest

    i like the color, and the white-walls are hot!!!!! i need to finish mine so bad
  3. nashe

    nashe Guest

    Ooh .. what a gorgeous bike. :D :D

    Eh, Chopper, do you have another thread describing the specs on this? Is that a custom frame? What'dya use parts-wise?

    I'm such a hopeless noob. I can only hope that someday my future projects turn out as well as y'alls' bikes.

    I have so little knowledge in this arena.

    Man .. I Jetta (never used that verb before, but it feels fitting) home from the bars at night and hit up this forum right away to just see all these wonderful creations and .. I gawk.

    Not to go off topic on your bike-thread, but ..

    My engine arrived at my 'rents' house today--haven't picked it up yet (30 minute drive .. can't ship to my apartment 'coz the packages will likely get jacked .. arrg). I am stoked. I think my bike gets there on Tuesday.


    Yeah--before I go off on some half-cocked tangent, good job! Total props.

    I'd be "gone ridin'" too, if I was you. 8)
  4. gone_fishin

    gone_fishin Guest

    chopper, that's a beauty bike, no doubt 8)

    ps-i tried to resize your pics for our "upload picture" feature, they fit in the display better that way. we're getting away from hotlinking to remote images...if you, or anyone, needs help using the feature, just let us know in the "form help" area :D
  5. azvinnie

    azvinnie Guest

    nice job chopper, looks really the black and green colors, stop giving us new ideas :lol:
  6. Chopper

    Chopper Guest

    Yeah, until you ride it! :mad:

    The left side chain is too close (and too loose) and slape the tyre leaving it filthy after even a short run!
  7. Chopper

    Chopper Guest

    Thanks man, though I can't take credit for the bike itself, bought it pretty much as is with a 31cc 4 stroke straddling the rear wheel, ditched that and installed the 48cc Skyhawk kit.

    The bike has 26" wheels, but I think the frame started life as a 20" dragster and has been extensively modified.
  8. Chopper

    Chopper Guest

    Will do, got your pm, but I know even less about 'pooter stuff than I do motoredbikes! :???:
  9. Chopper

    Chopper Guest

    When it gets too cold to ride (winter's only a monthe or two away here) I may knock it down and repaint it, even get the tank pinstriped! 8)
  10. Great-looking ride! I love how your exhaust fits, I wish mine would fit like that.
  11. iRide Customs

    iRide Customs Member

    I agree with SchwinnAlloy...Nice pipe! Everything else is top notch too!
  12. srdavo

    srdavo Active Member

    great looking bike!

    Looks like you can remove a link or two from your chain. you might need to move your tensioner forward some, if you shorten your chain.
  13. Chopper

    Chopper Guest

    Yeah, I need to shorten the chain, just haven't had a chance to grab a chain breaker, become a matter of some urgency today when the chain got all bound up and locked the rear wheel up at about 30kmh! :shock:
  14. Dockspa1

    Dockspa1 Guest

    Nice bike Chopper and I definately agree about the white walls. Seem like nomatter what they get filthy quick.
  15. Chopper

    Chopper Guest


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  16. Stertz

    Stertz Guest

    Looks better with the guards on. I like the bobbed rear guard
  17. JE

    JE Guest

    Yea i know what you mean about the white walls.I got tired of cleaning the white walls on my board track racer and put some schwinn brick tread black wall tires on it.also gained some chain clearance using the black walls.


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  18. jake

    jake Guest

    so, how is the pull start instead of the "pop the clutch start"? do you have a clutch? im quite curious.
  19. Chopper

    Chopper Guest

    That's on great looking machine JE... 8)
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  20. Chopper

    Chopper Guest

    My pullstart crapped out and I'm having it repaired at the moment, can't come back soon enough, I'm really sick of pedalling at a crawling pace while the motor tries to warm up on these winter mornings :(