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Discussion in 'General Questions' started by wickett, Aug 29, 2009.

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    thought it be more in line with the forum to start a first build post rather than adding to my first post in the newbie section. :cool2:

    so here is what a started with:

    and yesterday i got this:
    got the kit from kings. shipping was wtf but the kit itself was like 109.00. some deal going on for the black stallion so i jumped on it.
    after reading someone's post on here about them getting some rusty engine i a bit worried but after seeing the packaging i was pretty impressed.
    With 2 thick, fully sealed boxes, Styrofoam then individually packaged parts, I was a bit relieved.
    [​IMG] everything was there. The instructions made me laugh a few times due to the figures and motor mount ideas.

    so i started on it last night and was unable to finish it, so many things i was unprepared for, here is was she looks like now:

    now I'm off to the machine shop. I am going to custom fabricate a much better front motor mount, then remove some links of chain, finish everything and hopefully have some finished pictures by tonight.

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    Nice. I would change to an MTB or cruiser handlebar for safety.

    An alternative to that is to add MTB brake levers to the top of
    your drop handlebars, like the fixed gear guys do sometimes.

    Those lever extenders you already have on top of the bars do not
    provide full braking power. You need strong brakes to avoid accidents
    when things go wrong at 25+ mph.