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  1. Ozi

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    Hi guys, please x100 dont take this any other way than me only wanting to give some advice.. this forum needs a bit of work and all the cool addons, features and security measures installed.. all the bugs squashed etc. Some new colors too would be great.

    Ive been running a vb forum for years, know it back to front. Have the latest greatest with nil server loads. Just yell out (pm) if you think I could help out any.

    If its under control then thats cool, just turn this thread into a suggestion thread :idea:


  2. PatrickW

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    Hi there, Ozi, and welcome to MBc. I'm certain our Admin has things under control...thank you for the suggestion, tho.
  3. Big Red

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    Needs What?

    Hey Ozi, I've only been here about 7 months but see no big problems yet. I think you should ask that other site if they need help. That site is hard to get around on and just does crazy stuff every time I try to log on.( check it out.)
    Big Red. AKA fatdaddy (on the other site)
  4. eltatertoto

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    yeah tom has it under control... i havent been active here in forever but from what i remember alot of the forums members were older guys, and alot of them have dialup... so new and bandwidth eating things arent appreciated by alot of the population.
  5. Big Red

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    Hey el. DIAL UP? Not for YEARS now. But you're right about one thing, I have noticed that a lot of M.B.c. members are a little older here than on that OTHER site. I think thats a good thing, It means theres a lot more experience on this site.
    Big Red.
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  7. Big Red

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    If your talking about the Schwinn OCC, That was a "FOR SALE" build. I did about ten(or twelve?) of those. Right now I'm riding a 80cc Jesse James chopper and a 49cc tadpole trike. I wish I had kept one of the OCC's though, They were great bikes. Too bad you sold yer bike, It looked real clean.
    Big Red.

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