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These are the last pics I took of my bike. At the time, the bike was indoors for the winter and I was redoing the front engine mount and test-fitting a "poopoo pipe". More recent pics will follow soon.





I call it The Freight Train, of course! This beast can hold lots of stuff and is near unstoppable even hauling 48 beers in a headwind going uphill! Of course I have to pedal when I do that, but that's okay. :LOL:

More pics of bike in different stages are at:
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Sep 30, 2006
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We all want closeups and lessons on the "packs" for sure !!

call it The Freight Train, of course! This beast can hold lots of stuff and is near unstoppable even hauling 48 beers in a headwind going uphill! Of course I have to pedal when I do that, but that's okay

Having experienced that famous wind last year, YOU HAVE MY UTMOST RESPECT. When it is at your back it's like surfing, but head on it is a bugger.

I only got about 2 hours of it really, south out of Alma Nebraska, over the Republic River, but during that time I had a lot of reflections about our pioneer forefathers, and how they didn't intend to, but probably just got pushed up to the Dakotas by that wind. If the conestoga wagons were packed with beer, I guess the wind is really no biggie.


North Dakota's North winds are primarily what motivated me to bolt a motor on my bike. The 10 mile cruise home from work wasn't worth the 10 mile fight + 12 hour shift throwing steel around. North Dakotans like to say "Canada blows because South Dakota sucks"! Sometimes it's Minnesota sucking and Montana blowing instead :LOL:

Full fenders and bags can be hairy on a 2-lane during a crosswind!


Hey fellas! I pulled out my trusty yet temperamental webcam and snapped a few more pictures this morning.

This is the galvanized prototype of the adapter I made for mounting 5-hole 110mm BCD (Bolt Circle Diameter) MTB/BMX chainrings to the 9-hole sprocket mounts that come with most of our kits. This allows for swapping chainrings without removing the 9-hole mount. Very handy!


Here's a pic of the final aluminum version mounted on my bike with a 34T Sugino/SR chainring.

Unblurred side view. Please excuse the mess in the background, my garage is frozen shut half the year and I tend to get a bit lazy on garage cleanup the other half :LOL:

Racking up the miles. In another week I'll have 1000 on this motor 8)

I'll probably take some more pictures soon. I have a dual-cable brake lever and a CNS carb to install. Ride on!
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Bill Snow

Two levers under the throttle, are the for the front and rear brake?

I have a dual brake lever on one of my bikes that works ok but wish the lever was a little longer.


More pics (see below link); will be updated soon. I have suspension forks and front Wald folding baskets to add to the 'Train. Also toying with the idea of running an electric front hub in conjunction with the HT :devilish:


How do those headlights work for you. Also are you using something for a taillight, and if so, what are you using? My bike is getting close to finished and I'm starting to think about how to light it up since I'll be riding to work when it's dark out.


I no longer have the handlebar headlights on the bike. They didn't put out much light anyway, but they kept cops off my back. The center headlight is the last remnant of my old generator system, and that puppy burns out every week or two, usually after the high speed stretch (32-35MPH) of my nightly ride to work.

At the moment, I do not have adequate lighting. I have dual Trek mini LED flashers on front and rear to help my bike be seen by cars. No standard taillight, just a reflector.