THe funnest bike ever!

Discussion in 'Photos & Bicycle Builds' started by unraw, Oct 10, 2008.

  1. unraw

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    Heres my other bike. today i added a wheely bar. Now its the funnest bike I've ever driven. The wheely bar inst as nice as I would like it. are there any posts on wheely bars that anyone knows of? I can pull 1000-1500 ft. long catwalks. the exhaust is a lawnmower muffler. That long pipe is full of steel wool. Helps quiet it down a bit. I did a horrible job on the chain holding the gas cap on. Now I've learned for next time. it also needs a good wash. I'm too busy driving it to wash it though. lol

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  2. JE

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    Nice build. I'd swap the wheel out for a skate board wheel on the wheelie bar and ad another strut to the other side of it.
  3. h0tr0d

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    looks like your going to break your neck when that pipe clamp breaks or slides down the bar. Looks like crazy fun though.
  4. unraw

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    Its actually very stiff. doesnt even bend. I added another pipe clamp for safetys sake though. A skate board wheel sounds like a good idea. Then I have bearings. I will improve it yet. I dont think that lawnmower tire will hold up for too long. It also isnt very stiff side to side. But its fun!:grin:
  5. h0tr0d

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    I think we need a pic of you riding the back wheel.
  6. JemmaUK

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    Its certainly different :) good luck with it

    Jemma xx
  7. unraw

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    I'm hoping to make a vid soon. My sisters camera has crappy video quality but that's the only camera in our house. My mom broke hers.:(
  8. JE

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    I think if you built a triangle on each side of the frame that sticks out the back and is connected with a axle that holds two skate board wheels it would be pretty strong.
  9. unraw

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  11. ozzyu812

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    Outrageous man!
    Never seen a wheelie with feet down! Loved it!
    The wildest fly by!
  12. stude13

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    use magnesium hot shoes and do a night video. pass the jug.
  13. mralaska

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    Do the squirrels knock on your door looking for the biggest nut in the neighborhood? *lol*

    At my age I would need a heavy leather jacket and skid lid on before I would go that fast leaning back with my weight on that brace. I just don't heal up fast enough to play that game anymore and my weight would need a lot stronger brace! When I was a kid it was no problem. I bounced my head off asphalt all the time and never seemed to affect me ... afect me ... aflect me ... aflict me ...
  14. unraw

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    I have to keep my feet down to steer. And I can use them quicker if there down if I suddenly lose my balence. Its never happened yet but I don't want it to happen ether. lol
  15. terrence

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    What a riot! LOl Yes officer, I had 2 wheels on the ground. Lol. Dude you need a spotter
    on each end of the block keeping an eye out for you. :grin:
  16. unraw

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    The cops are more worried about the quads and dirt bikes driving in town. So I'm not too worried.
  17. no pedals? how do you start that bad larry?
  18. unraw

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  19. bigkat650

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    agreed... i saw that and the first thing that went through my mind was 'if that wheely bar fails, he's falls back and his head bounces off the ground' common sense says a helmet is mandatory for such activities. Other then that, its a pretty cool machine-- just use it wisely:cool:
  20. unraw

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    I have built a different and safer wheelie bar for it now. It uses a rubber tire with bearings. And there are bars on both sides of the frame. I just have to get the little wheel to sit completely straight. Other wise it always throws my balence off when the little wheel touches the ground. oh, and hose clamps don't support any of the weight. lol