THe future of engines

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    Wow, just watched top gear on bbc america and they showed the honda clarity only available in california of course.

    electric cars, problem - batteries THEY SUCK,

    the honda no batteries just a hydrogen cell which produces electricity to power the motors,

    hydrogen, an infinate source that will never run out.... is this the end of the gas engine....

    any members from cal have one or been in one it would be interesting to hear what you have to say. Priced as the same for a normal honda 4 door, hydrogen stations available, costs the same as gas....

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    I saw this ep myself when it aired very cool car indeed, and seeing we already have the infrastructure in place ie. gas stations dotted about the country its not a huge step to have Hydrogen pumps placed at them, no need to wait hours for batteries to charge etc this point in time its definitely the better option IMO... until such times the battery technology that allows 5 minute charging from LVC to full charge is made available to the public for a realistic price at least....

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    I think that you can only lease (aka rent, but not own) the FCX Clarity. It costs about $600 a month for three years, which is a heckuva lot more than a "normal Honda 4 door".

    I don't think the internal combustion engine has anything to worry about for quite a while.
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    Unfortunately Hydrogen needs to be created through electrolysis which takes alot of energy. We have endless supplies of Hydrogen but not endless energy to create it unless you are going with Solar or Hydroelectric ETC.

    Mother Earth News had a 80 MPG car that used a small Gas engined generator and a few batteries and didnt have to be plugged in either. Didnt cost an arm and a leg either.

    Heck if you check theres a guy that mounted a small (8HP) diesel engine to a Geo Metro with a snowmobile clutch and got around the same mileage as well. Just dont go pulling a trailer with it..LOL

    My thoughts are that efficiency and thinking will go alot further than all this fancy expensive technology. IMHO:idea:
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    I Think the future is cold fusion

    I read today the some Navy scientest think they have reproduced the process
    That would be awesome !! Just like back to the future !!!