The Garage score 1946 stocker Whizzer H

Discussion in 'Whizzer Motorized Bicycles' started by Hot Dog Piggy Tails, Apr 1, 2009.

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  1. This is a 60,000 build and one of the 5% Whizzer H Bike and engine Maufactured and assembled then sold by the Whizzer Co.
    Its what appears to be a 46' Black Phantom as the numbers are early C starting with 1 and the 48's start D and late in like 8#,#### So it is eather a Prototype near post Cleveland Schwinn Law syuite bike or something. Like help here parts and all. Covers tank bowl Petcock *** Stockers on 40's Great. This is a lover Spark and Compression no fuel and Tires Ineed to know about puttin a Standard Balloon Set from Old Murray maybe Have some Hangin' in the shop Asking to go on it. I know the s7's are a different bead than any other and I think s2 were standard this year? Is this bead ok. I do have worksman stuff but this is going stock year. Its not letting me post the pics. Some firewall I got

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    Hi , Nice talking to you on the phone . It sounds like A great bike , Cant wait to see it , maybe at Iron ranch this year..Have Fun.....Bill
  3. Quenton Guenther

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    Hi Hot Dog Piggy Tales,

    I have a lot of vintage parts in stock [NOS, Used, & repop] if needed. If I don't have what you need I can supply you with information to locate the part [I know of approx 20 suppliers for vintage parts].

    I still have 6 vintage Whizzers in my collection and if you need pictures I can supply them. One of my Whizzers is an unrestored [totally original] 1948 WZ/S4 with the "H" motor.

    Have fun,

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    Ten Whizzers...No Waiting!

  5. Yeah the Brown one you got there is the same But my This is the Black and a Phantom with the Teardrop light on the fender. Paint scheme though different colors are eirily the same. Oh you have the flex pipe I have the wrap around and down under. Just Tanked and greased the OMG Huge and very well made HUbs The front and rear are stop on a dimers. Ooh I opted for the Embossed version NE5 Temp tank and had a choice of the wc1 with the decals like the one next to it. I beleive that is a kit tank there as it is an H silver tank. I read they were grey. I see an Embossed one but iM not sure it is the same year altho the embossed one has a fuel bowl assembly(older) I dont know for sure that its the one otherwise Id have purchased it. But for a temp and a nice tank by all means I picked up an NE5 from Bill. Thank you Bill. Are those S2 Schwinn Rims? Ineed the hoops for restoration Quality. For now I just had to put3 Spokes In the rear and one 12 up front. Lined the rim with a spare tube and am ready to set the dwell tomarrow. Or atleast check it out .. Spark.. How well the exhaust valve seats..Oil level.. Put the Wheels back on. Find a front brake lever just the handle..Bolt up a chizzer 3/4 gallon like(well)the one Sittting on it in the picture.

    This is the possible match To my Bike I was talking about.

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  6. Oh Oh yeah the Serial Numbers on yours are Indexable. Mine are C 1**** as where the1948 Serials starting number starts in D of the 80 thousand range
  7. Quenton Guenther

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    Hi Hot Dog Piggy Tails,

    Here is my 1951 [S4] with the front fender light. All my Whizzers are 100% correct, even the correct bolts, nuts, tires, S2 rims, tanks, etc. The Ivory is no longer mine, as Jay Cruise in PA is the new owner. I have several more not in the picture. The 1948 WZ in the earlier post was actually maroon [still maroon on the underside of the fenders] but time has turned the color to brown. The original gas tank on the "H" kit was pewter and had smooth sides with 3 decals [one on each side and one on the top rear].

    Also notice the 1951 in the post has the wrong pedals, but were changed about a week after the picture was taken.

    Have fun,

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    Are the frame and rear fender "factory formed" for belt clearance or is the frame standard and is the fender simply cut away for belt clearance? Thanks.
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