The Good Bike Deal Thread.

I am familiar with it, and it is on my list to buy. It's definitely expensive, but it's also fully programmable and capable of charging every type of battery. You can also set charge stop points so you can charge to below 100%, which greatly increases battery life cycle. Only charging to 80% capacity, for example, increases the cycle life of a battery 4 times that of charging to 100% all the time. Even 90% doubles it.

For a casual ebike rider it may be unnecessary. If you use your bike a lot, or commute, or have a lot of different electric batteries to charge, then it is a good investment.
The BMS senses the batt. charge and stops the charging. I read all the info on battery chargers and the so called experts. Most users just plug em in and let em charge. Think how people charge cell phones, rechargeable tools and most every other thing we use with lithium ion batteries. The biggest death sentence to a L battery I have found in my yrs. of building and using em is letting them set up and not being cycled. They like to be used.