the good samaritan

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    a short story. a parable!

    a boy woke up and did dome work on his bicycle, then rode to his place of employment for the day.

    upon pulling in the drive, he found a phone on the road, along with cards, ID, all that silly stuff we here in the "west" call "necessary".

    upon running out of fuel two hours later on the mower, the lad was about to depart for greener pastures, when he noticed a car pull over across the road. a member of the opposite sex seemed to be searching the ground.

    upon approaching, the lad knew this females name, not by association, but simply by the fact that the female was obviously expecting to find something that was now in his possession.

    yeah sick of talking like that, i keep forgetting the words that come up on my internal teleprompter cus i cant type that fast yet!

    anyway. it turns out her drunk friend threw here new phone out the window? WTF? need new friends, my dear.

    she did the tracking thing, and well.. it was pretty close! so. phone returned, i jumped on my bike and buggered off. saved me a forty odd km one way trip to some suburb(meh, a chance to go see a mate out that way anyways, and this was a motorcycle, not a pushy)

    the friend whose lawn i was mowing eventually returned with petrol. and told me a note had been left in my absence.

    $200 freaking dollars! and a number :whistling:

    that blows my mind ALMOST as much as...

    how did an iphone sit a foot in from the edge of the road for over 8 hours?!?! there were cyclists out and about at the late hour of 8am... i know theyre ignorant but blind as well? trucks? buses? regular cars? it was in the main track! if it had been MY phone, well, different story. cruuuuunched.

    just a few more metres and i wouldnt have seen it myself!

    the money....the money comes in extremely handy at the moment!

    but we do these things (or plan to at least...i didnt DO anything!) because we know how annoying it is to lose our own stuff, right? and how nice it is to get a call from the cops or train station or even a "special" package, obviously hand delivered to ones letterbox... just as ones lost all hope and started making the requisite phonecalls...

    she played it right....wait til i left then give me money :jester: no way would i accept that!

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    You got her number too!! Nice!!

    SANDSA Member

    Great lil story.
    The power of karma is power indeed.Usually when you least expect it.
    Mess,can you lend me 20 dollars for a new pipe? just kiddin' arr arr.