the great NW spring "run what you brung"


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6:29 AM
Apr 17, 2008
north bend wa.
hi riders; there seems to be enough nwters and bc riders that we could have a fun run sometime in the spring of 09. cabin fever remedy? please someone step up with where, when and who? mitch
Count me in. The further north the better. Some great riding out of Bellingham for example. Hint, hint.
thanks paul. my thought is a nice sunday get together and ride with maybe a small swap meet. i hope more would attend a one day outing. it wouldnt have to be sponsored event. just a nice spring get together.
Two Stroke through the Tulips?

Yeah, the tulips are out in the spring and make a nice diversion down there in Skagit. Plenty of wide open road also.
is there a lake with a road running around it near bellingham or skaggit that would work. that should work nicely for our northern neighbors.
There is a real nice ride around Lake Whatcom that would work. Well at least the western part is around the lake and the rest goes up a real nice valley. Probably around a 50 mile lap with some nice spots to stop along the way.