The Great Whizzer Photo Thread

May 24, 2009
My Whizzer has an H engine that was made around 1946 and a Columbia bike made in the late 40s. I purchased the engine and bike separately a couple years ago and have been slowly restoring the engine and bike. I have ridden it several times. There is a video on YouTube:

The video shows me riding it for the first time. There were some mechanical problems with the brake. I couldn't stop because the clutch wasn't working, which created a pretty funny video with over 7500 views. My wife was contributing to the humor as she was taking the video.

This is still a work in progress. I am currently trying to get a new rear wheel, since the old Columbia had pretty bad rims, which made a bumpy ride. I replaced the front wheel with a new Huffy heavy duty wheel with Sturmey Archer drum brake. I'll probably do the same with the rear wheel. Getting good Whizzer wheels at a decent price have been a long and futile effort. This leaves the whizzer as a vintage bike with new wheels, and some new repro parts from Memory Lane Classics.

I still haven't gotten a title and license. I may get this bike legalized someday. For now, I take a run around the block a couple times a month.

I like the mini hoist holding the bike up, now I have to build one.
Good looking ride.
Jul 8, 2008
The Black Seat Bugged me..

The Customer desided he didn't like the loud haft Lake side pipe as he origanally wanted.
an I always thought the seat should be Buck Skin Tanned..
So I did a new full Lake side with 80 DB Muffler.
New triple blue chrome..
An Made the Seat
Magicaly Change..
And Now My 6' 5" Gentleman Customer
an I are happy with the final Look and sound.
I mention his how tall he is
as thats why the Seat is so high..
PS. I always Have Quenton
do His JuJu to my cylinders, Heads Lifters
an auto clutches..
This Guy is going to be riding In Prescott Az.
so I chose the 70mm final drive. along with a 19mm Keihan carb.
jeted on the lean Presscott is a mile high..
and down town is Like Sanfransico with long steep Hills
Yikes.?? Will the War Bonnet Make that grade..?


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