The Helio was designed by eGO vehicles in the US

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    Helios electric cycle specifications

    August 12, 2002

    Engine: 24V brushed DC electric motor.
    Power: 1.5kW (4320W max).
    Transmission: Direct drive by toothed belt.
    Suspension: Conventional cartridge forks at front, rigid frame at rear with sprung saddle and optional sprung seat post with integral damper.
    Brakes: Disc brake with cable-operated calliper at front, cable-operated cantilever rim brake at rear.
    Tyres: Front & Rear: 20" x 1.95 tube type.
    Wheelbase: 1018mm.
    Seat height: Adjustable.
    Battery: 34ah.
    Dry weight: 60kg.
    Price: R14 000:cool:

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    At $1,752 US, it isn't very attractive. In addition, lacking pedals or any provision for non-powered use, it doesn't qualify as a bicycle. It is, in effect, a very limited range electric moped, and in most states here would require registration, a motorcycle license to operate, insurance, etc.
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    I don't see anything good about that thing.