The Hilltopper Mod thread.

Discussion in 'Electric Bicycles' started by slickdude, Sep 6, 2012.

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    This thread is intended to help those with Clean Republic's Hilltopper kits. From twist throttles, to battery mods if it deals with modifying your hilltopper system it goes here. Hopefully we can post all kinds of HT mods to improve the hilltopper experience for others and ourselves.

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    Okay, I am thinking that CR uses a Bafang 250watt electric motor hub and wheel for their kit. I have considered looking at maybe getting a Bafang 500watt motor hub and just replacing the current Clean Republic one. Then add in a Lipo4 Battery with higher amps. The problem is the tip-over factor on the trike is way too high for any kind of speed. Remember this is a high trike, not the lower one. My other option is maybe work on a 3pin round connector that CR uses for the battery end to hook into the hub. That would allow a high ah 24v battery, thoughts anyone on this? Any of you modded your Hilltopper kit yet? Post them in this thread, thanks.