The Hornet


The Hornet

Here is my namesake with 80cc motor...

I am also building a stretched frame cruiser with an 80cc motor and a tribute to the 60's drag-racing culture bike with 80cc motor that I hope to complete this summer. Glad to be aboard!


The Hornet

Thanks! The bike was disassembled down to the frame and cleaned. I waxed all of the original paint on the frame and fenders and left all of the knicks and dings (patina). All of the important stuff (wheels, bearings, running gear) has been upgraded with reproduction or vintage-looking parts.


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Aug 4, 2006
That looks freggin sweet!!! I like the larger gas tank.

How come nobody is entering into the BOM competition??

Mister R

That bike is very pleasing to the eye. It looks how to me a motor bike should look. Red tires are always so cool. One question: Can a helmet like that be found at most motorcycle shops? If so, about how much are they? I've been thinking about noggin protection and that's the style I'd like.

Bill Snow

Nice clean bike.

The tank looks bigger than the one that comes with the chinese engine.

Whizzer maybe?

The tires add a nice touch also.

I put a small tank behind the seat on mine, but the more I look at the tank in front bikes I just may do the same.

Thanks for posting a nice picture.

Bill Snow


I love the whizzer tank...
You've done a great job of blending old with new to create a vintage motorbike look and feel!
Here's my '63 Schwinn Speedster with 80cc and Whizzer tank...
Sorry folks this is the only pic. I have of it currently...
I'll try to get some different ones today showing more details, now that I've added fenders and removed the rear baskets.

The camelback speedster frame lends itself very nicely to this application I think, and the Whizzer tank gives me a million kajillion miles before refueling!
I can't wait to see your new one...
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