The Jesse Jackson Foundation - True Story

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    The Jesse Jackson Foundation

    Jesse was watching tv one day
    NASCAR with cars flying by
    noticed no black drivers
    thought to himself
    this is unjust I would say !

    So he was on a mission
    to make things right
    went to NASCAR headquarters
    and asked, why are all the drivers white ?

    Well NASCAR told Jesse
    that they would do what they could do
    so as to correct this problem
    because we all love little black boys too
    and suggested a proposal
    let's start a racing driving school.

    You see
    you need to start racing
    when you are very young
    if you wish to make it to the top
    and be a winning one.

    This was going to cost NASCAR
    a lot of money this they could see
    thought to themselves - it's the right thing to do
    a racing school for little black drivers
    NASCAR will supply the funds and let it be.

    Now the good Pastor Jackson
    had NASCAR in the palm of his hand
    just where he wanted them
    being a so called - God loving man
    then he told NASCAR
    I've came up with a even better plan !

    I think that if you donate 250 thousand dollars
    to the good old Jesse Jackson Foundation
    the though of this could just
    go away
    NASCAR didn't know what to do
    so to his Foundation they did pay !

    Knowing that they had been
    and what they did wasn't right
    NASCAR told everyone knowing
    to keep their lips tight !!

    Well the matter got out
    and hit the press
    old Jesse just helping the poor ones
    fell short on God's test !!

    Rebel Bob 03-16-07

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    south park has a really funny episode where a guy says n****r on wheel of fortune as the answer to a question. Everybody turns against him and he is forced to "apologize to jesse jackson". So jackson tells him to get down on his knees where jackson pulls his pants down and makes the guy kiss his a** while he is saying "thats right baby...appologize" under his breath.

    It hilarious... here is a link. I couldn't find the real one because it has been removed everywhere do to "rights infringement"... go figure. So here is one with Imus' head inserted on the guy kissing jacksons a**... I guess this is acceptable. its like the fourth video down.
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    this one may be also twoo

    good old boy Jesse was counseling Bill C regarding the Monica big THING deal

    Jesse I guess couldn't find that EXACT sin listed in the Bible

    so Billy felt just fine stating -- I didn't have sex with that woman

    don't keep on tearing the pages out of that Bible -- please

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    I wish somebody would super glue his mouth shut. I'm against violence, he could still be fed noodles through a straw. How he is allowed to make a living as a professional crybaby is beyond me.
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    judgement day coming for all

    being a pastor -- teacher

    will good old jesse be held to a higher account ??

    I think so