The K&S Bike Machine Lives On

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    Back in the 90`s i came across an old (1967) 49cc`K&S Bike Machine` motor at a swapmeet. It didn`t run, and the mounting bracket was broken.I gave $25 for it. Not knowing anything about bicycle motors (i had never seen one before then) I welded up a bracket, rebuilt the motor (carb., C.clutch, sparkplug, etc.) and mounted the thing on a cheap, 20" frame. It was a labor of love and i gave the thing to my then 16 yr. old son. He promptly tore up two back tires and bent the rear wheel(jumping off curbs).My son then went on to motorized scooters, and the bike sat (in pieces) in the tool shed for about ten years.
    During that time, I became a bicycle enthusiast (i have a Trek racing bike, and a Bridgestone touring bike) Just for something to do, i pulled the motor off the old frame and remounted it on ANOTHER 20" frame(semi-suspended, this time; and I added a springer seat. I rode it a couple times up and down the block and soon, i discovered i LIKED the little devil.
    Being as i live in the valley (NO steep hills) and being that Riverside is `Bike Friendly`(there are actual MARKED bike roads alongside almost all the city streets) I found i enjoyed cruising around town(just for fun) on the little bike.
    A lot of people that saw the `lil bike liked what they saw and wanted to know where they could get one. I could have sold at least twenty the first 6 months i rode it. Unfortunately, K&S is no more, but upon looking around the internet(for parts) I discovered there were more modern and efficent bike motors on the market. I AM HOOKED! Though i STILL have the `lil bike, i also
    have a 49cc mounted on my 26" Jamis, and another on a 27" Winabago touring bike.
    With all the interest people have in my bikes, i`m surprised MORE people don`t have them. I am definitely a Motor-Bike enthusiast!

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    Welcome to MBc!! The bug bites and you cannot get rid of it, right?
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    Well, besides me, i`ve only ran across one other fella with a motor-bike. BUT i`m considering assembling about ten bikes then ride `em in a parade or something...then put `em up for sale (at just barely above cost) at the end of the event. I think once ol` John Q. Public rides one, he`ll be hooked too...AND maybe i`ll have a little company on my weekend jaunts!