The kindness of strangers !

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    Well I don't know if there has already been a post on this subject but I just need to say this !
    The other day I was on a 30 min ride and about half way in I had a chain malfunction with a broken
    link. So I pedaled to the closest major intersection with a service station and as I did not have a
    master link with me as I don't use them (very weak) nor did I have a chain breaker with me I had
    only one way that I know of to fix this and I needed a tool for that as well. Thinking that the
    service station would ether not have it or if they did they would not let me use it I thought it's
    worth a shot ! So I went in and told them of my situation and asked them if they had a hammer
    thinking no way in **** are they going to have it but to my shock they sure did and they let me use
    it as well ! So while I am doing this crude repair to my ride there were people going in and out
    of the service station store. Keep in mind that it is around 11:00 pm and I noticed a lady that had
    gone in the store and back out to her car but had not left and after about 5 min she very quietly
    says excuse me excuse me do you need help or like a ride somewhere ? Now you must also keep
    in mind that I am a long haired hippy type and she in her benz ! I kindly told her that I would be fine
    and thanked her for her offer to help ! I know that if it were me in the car I would have done the
    same but never expected for someone to offer to help me ! I was touched that a stranger was
    willing to help and I want to say thanks to all of you out there that would take the time to even
    at least offer to help someone who looks like they may need help !

    So thank you !
    And to the rest of you you should maybe think about if it were you that needed help !

    Just sayin !

  2. Ludwig II

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    There are lots of good people around, sometimes they just need a chance to show it.
  3. Fabian

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    I've been stranded more than once in the early days of setting up my motorized bicycle and have had kind offers of help from strangers. What goes around comes around and i've given people a lift in my car to their destination or helped out other cyclists on a biking trail when they've had technical issues (i.e. flat tyre) or worse; and given away master links; given away chains and inner tubes even though i may never see that person again, because we were travelling in opposite directions.
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    There out there! I gave a fellow Biker a ride the other day he had the same problem his chain was stretched and he didnt even know how to add alink so i passed by my buddies house and asked if he had an extra link and he did and we showed the guy how to fix it and sent him on his way! He was blown away that i stopped and gave him a ride and fixed his chain for him..i invited him to go on a ride this weekend with me and some of my buddies!
  5. BchCruizer

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    I stop and help people every chance i get. Theres good and bad everywhere you go. Look at iraq and all those countries and what they go through with wars. Look at africa. Theres still slave trade going on there..theres still slaves..there's good and bad every where..Im proud to be an American and im proud to give help when other people are in need. wheather they be an american or not!
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  6. Ludwig II

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    You've raised a very good point about seeing the world through the eyes of the camera and it's managers. I think that everyone here is the sort to help others out, simply because helping people is what we do. Not a moral duty, not enforced by any other agency but ourselves; when we see somebody up to their neck in it, we throw them a rope and then hose them down afterwards. It's simply what we do because walking away would be unthinkable.
  7. BchCruizer

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    I try and help out my fellow man/woman when ever i can. There's good people and bad people were ever you go. Its the world. What describes you as a person is what you do when the opportunity of need is placed at your feet. You can walk away and say its not my problem. Or you can put out your hand out and help your fellow man to his feet! I personally give them a hand!