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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Large Filipino, Jun 24, 2008.

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  1. Just wanted to blog here about what I think a seasoned motoredbiker is all about.
    A Seasoned Motoredbiker does not understand how anyone would take their bicycle into a shop and pay someone 100 bucks to "tune it up??" I mean a true Seasoned Motoredbiker I think has the mechanical means to tune up his own bike.
    A Motoredbiker chooses to ride because it is fun. A Motoredbiker is not in a hurry. A Motoredbiker is saving a lot of money but to the Motoredbiker that is simply what they tell everyone else.
    A Motoredbiker loves to tinker. A Motoredbiker KNOWS his ride INSIDE and OUT. After that crash with that pick up truck yesterday on Cronus my drive chain was loose. My instincts tell me to adjust it. The ride home was slow. Came home to find my rack was way off kilter which explains the loose chain. Loosened everything up,straightened everything out. Trued my rim. It's still just a smidgen off but it's the best work I've done yet. I rode it 60 miles today without a hitch. Now whenever I may have trouble again,I know EXACTLY what to look for.
    It is very possible to have no knowledge of mechanical things and still enjoy their motoredbike. A Motoredbike is a test of an individual's not only abilities but also a test of their willingness to never give up on their ride. And the longer they keep their motoredbike,the more they learn. Suddenly you will break down miles from home and you are not afraid. You are not afraid because you have the knowledge. You have the knowledge and you have the tools right in your tool pouch. You have all this because once upon a time you and your bike was having a hard day and you so wanted to just throw your bike away and be done with it but you refused. You DID NOT GIVE UP! You walked your bike home,or hid it under a bush and rode back in your truck. You DID NOT let your bike collect dust. You FIXED your bike. Then you went right out there again ready for the next challenge. Ready for the next test of LIFE.
    Then as time passes you become a Seasoned Motoredbike rider. You carry with you all the tools you need for when ANYTHING happens. People look at you with amazement. People that don't know you think you must be a mechanic and start asking you questions about why their car won't start. And chances are,you may in fact know why.
    When your car starter went out that one day,you found that if you yourself removed that starter and took it to the auto parts store and bought a new starter,you will get money back for a core by giving them your old starter. Then you install it and saved alot of money. It took you all day to do this. But then you find the parts store sold you a defective starter and you have to remove it from your car again. Then when the starter is off the car you look at your watch and discover that you took off that starter in half the time it took you the first time. This is what I'm talking about when it comes to your bike. Every fix is a learning experience. It only needs to happen only once and you only need to fix it once to know how it's done. Then as you don't give up again and again and again,you gain that knowledge. And then before you even know that it has happened,to another,you have become their guru.
    You are mimicking a very important type of person. This person made sure everything worked right because their lives depended on it. This person lived in the 1900's at a time when NOTHING was a luxury. You had to fix it and fix it now or the children starved.
    If you pulled a young man from the early 1900's when that first Harley and Indian rolled off the assembly shop and brought him to today chances are that he would probably most definitely own a bicycle with a Happy Time engine on there. That's because he understands this contraption. That's because he knows what hard is. But he will own this bike for the JOY in owning this bike.
    People simply don't understand us. They simply don't get it. They don't understand why we need to always be fixing our bikes. They don't understand why we won't just get a scooter.
    And that's okay.
    That's okay.

  2. Jim H

    Jim H Guest

    Those who ride chinese scooters soon become adept mechanically as they present their own similar challenges that motoredbikers face; no one but you to fix it unless you're rich. Nice work Large!
  3. Simon_A

    Simon_A Member

    Amen brother.

    We are all tinkerers, we dont want plain vanilla in a blister pack off the shelf stuff.

    We have idea's and thoughts, we mentally modify things, if we know it will work we transfer that thoughts to the physical.