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    I got two engines from TheLaShop titled: 80cc Dual Start Motor Bicycle Gasoline Engine Kit . The reason I got these engines was because engine has a pull start AND a centrifugal clutch. I gave engine to put on my bike to mechanic who says there is NOT a centrifugal clutch on engine, only pull-start. If this is true, I feel rippped off by false advertising.

    I've heard you can't hve pull-start without centrifugal clutch. Is it possible to have pull-start without centrifugal clutch?

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    Hello John-Forrest.

    I assume we are talking about a Happy Time engine here?

    It IS possible to have the pull start installed even without the centrifugal clutch.

    Some centrifugal clutches freewheel both ways and thus require the pull start to start the engine.

    Some centrifugal clutches only freewheel one way so the engine can still be started by "dumping the clutch" OR with the pull start if so equipped.

    If your engines side cover looks like this it does NOT have a centrifugal clutch:

    If it has another bulging cover with 4 bolts on the pictured side cover then it DOES have the clutch (sorry cant find a picture).

    Personally I would advise against the centrifugal clutch anyway - I ordered one (just the clutch kit) from zoombicycles, and even though the vendor was helpful and sent me a part that I broke on the first try (for free) I could not get the clutch to work (or fit) to my satisfaction even with some machining. Upon inspecting it I came to the conclusion that it is just a cheap "afterthought". I imagine that a engine "pre-assembled" with the centrifugal clutch might be somewhat better (ie actually work the way it should), but even then I would doubt how long the centrifugal clutch would last.