The Law In San Diego, California?


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Apr 2, 2008
I'm a little concerned. I've read what seems to be countless different opinions on the law in CA. I've even got to the DMV website, and read what seems to be a law stating you need a M2 license to drive a motorized bicycle. I'm a little bummed out if that's the case. I ordered a kit, and am receiving it today. The last thing I want is a ticket. I have a friend who has been riding a moped for years with no license or insurance and has had zero problems. I bought the kit with the mentality that if he doesn't have problems on a moped, why in the world should I have problems on a bicycle? I'm guessing A LOT of police don't know the difference between a 40 cc and an 80 cc-- I would think their only reason to pull you over would be traffic violations, no helmet, or going too fast.

Anyone have any information on this? This looks like such a FUN FUN project, but if I'm not going to be able to ride anywhere, then I don't want to spend all the time and money on it. :(

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Getting a plate is too easy. Download the form REG 230 off the DMV site. Fill it out using the serial # off the bike frame. It is located under your Crankset bottom bracket. Send it to them with 17.00 & they send you a plate & a title. A D license endorsement is pretty simple too. That is if you can ride your bike. Go to DMV & take the written test. Then an easy parking lot ride around some cones & your done. You might want to just go ahead & get an MC license. You just have to get one once & they renew with your DL. Borrow your buddies bike to take the driving test. By the way I don't display plates on three of my bikes & have never had a problem. I have the plates but just don't have them mounted.


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Haven't you heard that there is a shortage of police officers here? The ones that they have are too busy & to tell the truth - I don't think really know or care about the Motorized bike laws. I showed a Pacific Beach Motorcycle cop one of my motored beach crusers & he said " It's just a bicycle. " I do not display a plate on that bike & he could care less. Just don't motor on the boardwalk.

If your not causing a problem you won't have one. Every cop that has seen my bikes just smile & give me the head nod of approval. I regularly ride the Del Dios highway in the bike lanes. The only frowns I get are when I blow past the spandex-ers. Ha Ha I love it.



a simple suggestion, here on the long beach peninsula of washington state, there are at least 8 of us that i know of, we wear helmets, use hand turn signals and stay to the right in the bike lane except to pass other bikes...i have made left turns in front of cops and they wave...on my comute to work the speed changes to 50 i go 28 to 34 mph a cop passed me put he was going faster and i slowed to 25...if you use the rules of biking so far i have had no husband beach cruzin however was pulled over becuz he did not have a tail light ticket was given and off he motored it away from the traffic stop...locality is everything...until they tell me i can't ride it...i am ridin! i guess its all good where i live...good luck to you all..count me in for a ride to washington someday, i'll put my HT in the back of a truck to DC park around the corner and ride my HT with everyone else lol:rolleyes:
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San Diego Laws

If you have an M1 license, a plated/registered bike, wearing a DOT helmet and are operating your bike safely I cannot possibly see you having a problem with the authorities. That's how I operate here in North County and I've had no problems. I also get the sneaking suspicion that there aren't nearly enough police in this region to even care about bicycle/moped style infractions.

just my 2 cents.


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Jun 15, 2008
up top mountain -- Sourthern Ca.
erickster -- just wondering how your luck has been with the law ?? I don't live very far from you and -- my little gas wonder is on it's way in the mail.. I have no license and don't need trouble !! Have a great day, Mountainman


I know there are people from all sides of the issue, but the "60's type" that i am, let me approach the legality of the motoredbike like this: I hear many folks that advocate doing everything humanly possible to remain within the gendarmes good graces. From wearing the right clothing, to hand signals, etc etc... On the other side of the fence, are the folks that yearn for 50-60mph on a contraption that tips the scales fully fueled under 50lbs.... My own concern is that my anachistic nature demands that I ride something without being subjected to registration, insurance, or licensing of any kind whatsoever... To me, the essence of motored biking is the inherent freedom, the shaking off of " 'da Mans rules and regulations ".... Yeah sure, I could just ride around with a loaner plate on my chopped Harley, sans license and insurance (and used to do just that), but there is so much to be said about the purity of a tiny, frugal steed that is so appealing!!! I urge everyone to contact whoever you can think of.. Spread the "Moto-Gospel!!"" From people you meet at the gas station, to county cops, to "green groups", to state and local reps.... With the current fiasco of $4.10 a gallon gas, as well as being the start of another election season, it's my guess "we 'da peeps " could really make some headway in applying enough pressure to get a no license - no registration - no insurance - 20MPH limit motorbike bill to become a reality nationwide.... Am I just dreaming or do others feel the same????????