The Man Who Despises America!

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Zev0, Nov 11, 2009.

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    I dont mean to be rude but... so what. Anybody that has been paying attention for the last 9 months already knows all that stuff.

    This guy is an a**hat... we know this. It worried me in the beginning when everybody was still caught in the headlights. Now that people are catching on its only a matter of time before this guys is powerless and the subject of wide spread ridicule.

    He wants what daniel ortega and hugo have... unchecked power. The only problem is that we are born from patriots that sailed across an unknown ocean to gt away from tyranny. You can slip one by the sleeping masses but this is too much and revolution is in the air. It all hinges on the 2010 elections.
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    To be like spanky, you must post 30+ minute long youtube videos over and over and over and over again.

    As far as the man who hates America goes, anyone who was actually listening to him during the campaign (vs. staring at his mile of teeth or jug ears) knows that he and his wife hate America. Their job is to "fundamentally" change America. America will more resemble the city of Chicago when their done. Mmm Mmm Mmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!!
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    yeah sorry,old news.
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    How 'bout these 90 accomplishments?

    Linked straight to the comments instead of the actual article just to be FAIR so you could see this one comment...

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    Hey Spanky - you change your signature more than a woman changes her mind!

    Your current sig illustrates the mindset of your typical libtard.

    "Remember, the GOP comes down to one phrase --
    I got mine, f*ck you! -- greenwizard from"

    Conservatism and liberty mean "I earned mine, you have the same opportunity as I do, so go earn your own and STFU you liberal fuctard!" :jester:
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    Exactly my point.
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    Then why are you a flaming lib?
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    Remember what you were trying to convince others of?? To not categorize?? You said that classifications are bad.

    I guess you're full of **it.
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    Let me clarify.

    To me and other conservatives, you are a flaming liberal.

    To other libtards (who love to compartmentalize and categorize), you are a single white *** male flaming liberal. :whistling:
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    I think the expression was something like "change direction more times than a squirel on crack crossing a six lane highway"?

    LOL, sorry AG, but he got you there... He must be well rested or something?!
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    LOL, he didn't get nothin, did you even read my response? Sheesh. He's been trying to get me for months but can't. For me, spanky would say I was categorizing if I mentioned men or women.
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    The ol' Sparkster isn't as easy to put away as Suspect.
    He has more videos than you have arguments.

    His videos don't make sense and your arguments do but he just has more of them.
    The're cheap defence against a thinking man.

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    Lame... lame... lame.

    You guys will know when I've been on Youtube for awhile, because I'll be there all week long and save the best for you guys. I've got a **** load of cleaning and maintenance to do... so no time for fun & games at the moment.
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    Sparky, since your such a whiz kid at labeling other people and thier stuff lame how come you keep pumping that sh8t you put out. That pard, is so freaking lame crutches couldn't help it.

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    You got something better to put in my black box?
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    Is that a double entendre, or what?
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    Sparky, Black Box???
    Is that what you call the vast empty void between your ears???