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    hello this is the story of my bike project, after receiving this bike for trade of repairing a flatscreen television I was hooked. I've been repairing in tweaking this one for a very long time. when I first received this first bike it had a lot of flaws that I have fixed over the years and now I have morphed that very same bike into, this bike known as the mantis three the front and of that very bike is in this design and the rest of it is made from a miniature crotch rocket that I got at a riffraff sale for free. much of that bike is in this design as will . Total this bike only cost me $135. You might ask why that is even possible, it's because of the simple fact that me my and dad are metal fabricators and we get most of our steel for free, and the motor and tires were traded for computer parts and yes I am not joking. my basic motivation behind this bike is to make a low-cost safe reliable bike

    design specifications

    59 cc tomos engine

    front and back tire from tomos

    miniature crotch rocket electrical system

    Any more questions feel free to ask

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    wow that thing is so flippin sweet
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    Very creative. i bet that Tomos mill has plenty of power. I Used a few parts on my motorbike from a tweaked pocket bike.
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