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    Lol, I think that "too big" might be an understatement. They give no dimensions but even from just looking at the pictures it is apparent that it is quite big and very wide (being a 2 cylinder). You would also have to get a suitable rad (it's watercooled), carb, etc., I think that it would end up being quite costly in the end.

    No idea what HP that thing makes, but it would no doubt be enough to tear even the strongest bicycle frame apart.

    If you want a high powered, reliable & simple (aircooled) bike engine maybe you should look into getting a Franco Morini (and a sturdy frame to boot). Those seem to be the "holy grail" of frame mount engines.
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    One of the main things we try to do here is promote MBs as a fun, safe and legal transport where that is applicable.

    Anyone can put any size engine on can put a V8 on a Lazyboy recliner if you want to....but it would only be responsibly usuable on private land or a closed track and not on public ways....nor taking into account or even remotely addressing the 200W regs in OZ.

    Otherwise, the engine listed is for a motorcycle and belongs in a compliant motorcycle frame to be usuable on the street.

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    Um....yeah.....and I'm the guy who built a trike with a 455. :devilish:
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    I think putting the power to the wheel would be an issue with stock bicycle components... sizing may also be an issue but it might work with one of those schwinn or occ chopper bikes. Choose a good steel frame bike and reinforce the mounting points with xtra girth... vibration looks like it may be an issue too.

    If you got the time and money I say go for it... I love how you Aussie guys like to go big or go home.

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    at that point does it matter???
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    It says it will power a dune buggy! I bet it weighs 60-100lb at least and probably has power like a dirt bike (300cc!)

    That is like those people that put a Corvette v8 on a motorcycle chopper. It works, but its seriously overkill. They wouldn't have it any other way though.

    If you do it, you will be an internet hero, but you will probably destroy wheels and tires easily.

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