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    I love this forum and really want to do something to give back to it. We have such a huge wealth of info here, and I've got some time on my hands now. So would anybody object if I started to compile it into a sort of MBc bible? I was thinking perhaps making a Microsoft Word document with all the information compiled into it. My speciality is the Happy Time engine, So I could do a large section for that, but not too sure on the other things. So if anybody else has there specialities and wants to help I would be more than happy for your input! Motored biking is really growing now and there are more and more people getting interested, and as MBc being the only real forum about motoredbiking, I think we should put together this huge archive of information!

    A Microsoft Word document would be the first version of it to make contributions more universally compatible. Then when we have a complete "bible", perhaps start thinking about producing a pdf file.

    This isnt going to be an easy task so if anybody else would like to do their bit for our guide and for MBc then that would be much appreciated by the whole group!

    I must stress that this is not going to be for any profit, or any revenue, as this isnt what MBc is about, just simply something that everybody can benefit from.
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    im all for that idea, but couldent we make a wikipedia sort of thing so that everyone could contribute?

    just a suggestion

    ive got nothing against the word document - i wish i could contribute too, but i honestly dont know that much about my "specialty" whizzers
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    Yeah that wikipedia idea has been suggested before, but that really is out of my depth! haven't got a clue how to go about something like that.
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    it was suggested, and it was widely received as a great idea...anyone care to point out the team of volunteers to actually do it, tho?

    sorry, guys...that was cynical, i think you understand what i'm saying, tho.

    i do know this...the place is soon to be without staff-support and i don't see anyone trying to form the team that's gonna save it.
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    Well the MAJOR problem with wikipedia is that ANYBODY can change anything. That's a very good way to get bad information put in where good info was. So, if we were going to something like that, someone would have to be the sole writer so that garbage could not be inserted. Just my 2 cents.
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    Well I'm going to do it anyway! with MBc a bit unstable at the moment I think it should be put in some order just in case. Shame to see years of hard work and innovation slip away....
  7. That'd be really good for all the new guys who keep bombarding the board with the same questions.
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    I'm about a quarter of the way through of an unofficial happy time user manual. With some more detailed installation instructions! and general troubleshooting, perhaps it can be posted as a sticky in one of the forums, so newbs see it first and if they still dont get it then can ask.
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    A ha! thanks Van! brilliant! that pdf from Sheik yerbouti is also well worth a look.
    Thanks guys really appreciate the help, these resources are going to save me a lot of time!
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    Here it is! This is the alpha version, initial draft, read through it if you want, edit it, add to it, do whatever! hope to hear back from some people. I will be finalising it as an adobe acrobat pdf file. Took hours but I hope it will stop just a few people from asking the same old boring questions. Maybe the final could be put as a sticky?

    This is the frame mount manual for 2 stroke happy time engines.

    File is too big for MBc server so had to be externally hosted click here for the link
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    nice job dude !!!
    thanks :D:D:D
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    I have finished the first volume of the happy time manual, its abeing hosted on the motored bikes wiki. If anybody has any suggestions I would love to hear them.

    This is the link for it
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    Very good work. This has been needed for a long time.