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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by BoltsMissing, May 4, 2009.

  1. BoltsMissing

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    This mouse defies the odds, it's been just over 2 weeks, 7 mouse traps.
    Bait used so far is bread, soft cheese, cashews, almonds and chewing gum.
    I actually observed it on one occasion, it came out from the cavity where the cable goes through for the electric stove.
    Place is clean, disinfected, bleached, no open food containers etc etc.
    The triggers on the traps are set to hair line.
    This mouse has either obsereved the fatals of it's other "mates" and has worked out how the trigger mechanism on the spring traps work and eats the bait by picking it upwards. It can also tip-toe pass the other traps as shown on the photo.
    I bait the traps, go to building the bike, come back for coffee and it wins again.
    At night it does the same. It now does not come out of it hiding place unless I leave the room.
    Poison bait is not an option cos it will die and stink.
    It has to go like the others went, "snap-wear plastic gloves-put in 3 plastic bags-rubbish bin-disinfect"

    This mouse is doomed !

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  2. SimpleSimon

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    Evolution in action is a wonderful thing. Predators grow more cunning and adept at catching the prey, eventually the prey grows more adept and cunning at avoiding the predator.

    Tell me - what harm, exactly, is the little beggar doing?

    (edit) Never mind. Last thing Oz needs is smarter mice. Saw a video recently of literally tens of thousands of them absolutely pouring out of a doorway of a piggery when it was opened by the farmers wife. Mice nearly knee deep!
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  3. bikebum1975

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    Cooke down some bacon to render out the grease then soak some sponge pieces in it then bait the trps it will expand in thier stomachs yeah some might say mean but my Grandfather did that and it works.
  4. kerf

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    Two words, GLUE BOARD.
  5. ENO

    ENO Member

    Mickeys father was a he left home

    Hey Bolts..ENO (Oz)..Had the same problem at times..they learn real quick by watching their mates go to the gallows..Try using moist bread moulded onto the hook of the trigger and tying white cotton (round and round) over the bread, they get their sharp little teeth caught on the cotton and when they pull back...WHAM..GOTCHA..Some of those baits have Warfarin in them that thins the blood and before they croak they get incredibly thirsty and they go for water so most wont run back to the hiddy hole..Still I prefer the hunt and the challenge to outsmart them...i like the sponge idea..very innovative of old gramps....Why cant they all be like Mickey and live in the TV..I never seen him eat, probably had a cheese allergy...Good luck
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  6. Pablo

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    You need a cat and dog combo. Some small dog breeds are good mousers, and a non-lazy cat create a lethal synergistic combo. The rodents will eventually stay away after the killing in the shop. After my days in China, I hate rats. Mice don't bug me so much but they carry hantavirus.
  7. fasteddy

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    Bolts--I know it doesn't help but I've got a nasty old Tom cat with a personality conflict who picked off a humming bird at a feeder 5 ft in the air.He has cleared the rats out of our area completely.
    Wish you were closer.
  8. bikebum1975

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    Good old orange Tabby cat best mousers going had 2 of them theu kept the house clear of all little rodents
  9. BoltsMissing

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    thanks for the advice.

    It met it's doom, it had eaten all the bait set in all the traps. Upon closer observation as HOW it set the trigger off, it had just eaten the last bit of bait on the last trap, it's paw had stepped onto the trigger plate as it was going to move off.
    The bait was pressed hard up under the trigger's hook, it would have had to claw to get to the last part of the bait, yet it did, and all this while the trigger was set right on the edge.
    It's fair to say it actually won, but over stepped it's mark on retreat, I guess when it least expected it.
    Perhaps the cause of it's doom was complacency.

    Mouse and trap is placed in 3 plastic bags, a new trap is purchased and the whole area disinfected with bleach and amonia mixed in hot water, but will try kerfs recomended glue board method and might get a kat.
    I never had a mouse problem until recently and too bad if ya like mice. These critters can cause major health issues and eat through insulated electrical house wires and cables.
    Another method is to catch the mouse alive and throw it to the snakes at the local zoo, but they have since secured the snake pit. Awesome thing to watch, a snake being spooked by a mouse.

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  10. Mountainman

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    peanut butter -- those little THINGS can not resist

    ride that THING 45 sideways
  11. srdavo

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  12. BoltsMissing

    BoltsMissing Active Member

    Thanks davo, I was just about to get into the cleaning.
    I thought there was something not right, it's stuff I have in the cupboard thing from supermarkets, cloudy amonia actually, that's what's on the label.
    I think then bleach and hot water would do, or cloudy amonia on it's own ?

    MM, it was not the food choice, it was the way it ate any food as bait off the trap and defy triggering the spring lever action. How could have this mouse nible away at chewing gum and not trigger the trap when all other mice met their doom in much the same way instantly?
    Anyway, I have reset the traps just incase and peace has been restored, the bait is still on those several traps.
  13. Mountainman

    Mountainman Active Member

    hardening of peanut butter

    got you Bolt's

    and this reminds me -- last I looked -- mouse had gotten into motor home
    put some of that bait in there to hold him over

    until I get my peanut butter trap up and running

    have seen your problem before Bolt's -- got you
    the triggering lever can be adjusted so as to be ((hair trigger))
    you can bend in the little tab -- just a little
    or some very slight filing

    also works good for the hard to get ones
    peanut butter left on trap for a couple of days for hardening of butter
    then set that trap out -- hard to just lick it off

    ride the MB THING
  14. ENO

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    Hey BOLTS,... Great crime scene investigation there..Graphic and forensically factual..I am just wondering if there were any witnesses to the murder ?
  15. smitty

    smitty Guest

    I use peanut butter for bait, and put it UNDER the trigger.
  16. machiasmort

    machiasmort Active Member

    Glue boards are barbaric... Any more speak of them and I'll notify PITA! They are the same people who probably want to ban cats for the same reason!!! LOL

    I honestly quit using glues boards after I caught a bunch of them and had a pile still alive out in the country... I put them all in a group and loaded the .22 with scatter shot to finish them off humanely. Swore I'd never use glue again (very cruel).

    I latter developed a live trap using a five gallon bucket and a popcan suspended by a wire in the middle of the top... Make a little ladder for them to climb up and explore, they smell the peanut butter on the pop can, can't help but stretch or jump to it, the can spins and they can't climb out of the bucket!

    I used to release them in the city (nicer part of town), I wanted to give them a fighting chance where all the garbage was! I used to put the trap out side and I'm tellin ya 30 a day, I was releasing!
  17. fasteddy

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    Fellas I was watching a site called stupid videos and one shows a mouse trap.
    On that video faster than a hen on a june bug.
    Trap just sitting there baited and then the mouse shows up and starts pulling the cheese off the trigger with its paws like it was a buffet.
    Runs off ,comes back takes the last crumb then runs off again.just as he disappears the trap goes off.Sweet.
  18. machiasmort

    machiasmort Active Member

    I seen a video like that eons ago. The mouse would stand on the rail and let the trap catapult him (keeping him safe). Than go back for the fruits of his labor!
  19. BoltsMissing

    BoltsMissing Active Member

    No, mice have their own rules, Saw nothing, Said nothing, Heard nothing.
    All evidence has been cleaned with top quality bleach during quality MB build time. That is time wasted as far as I am concerned, could have been out riding.
    Traps re-set, all ssems quiet, I hope.

    The germs these critters carry is merciless to humans.
  20. sparky

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    I thought this thread was really about the game. Who knew?

    Two things I'd like to re-emphasize for those with future mouse problems -- peanut butter is the best bait, and glue traps are the best trap. Glue traps work!

    Better yet... figure out what hole they're climbing thru to get inside your house. No holes means there'll be no need to buy more traps and waste more time.