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  1. a.graham52

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    happend to find a really good deal on a genisis 28 mountain bike. figured id lean my from mistakes with the schinn ranger and see what i can do with this.

    heres a pic of the ranger with skyhawk gt5:

    new bike:

    i still need to finish routing the wires, mounting the coil and cdi as well as fine tune the fuel tank location and piping. then throw on the rear sprocket and chain. a new exhaust is in the works too for this bike. i also did a little porting of the jug while i had the engine out.

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    Looks like a fun ride. You plan to ride off road or stay on the pavement?
  3. a.graham52

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    pavement only. with an occasional dirt road. i want to be as gently to the frame as possible.
  4. a.graham52

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    Alright everyone. I got the bike in rideable shape tonight. About 90% complete. Iv still got to find something to do with the choke, arrange levers in a more favorable position, and secure wires. Took it for a spin around the parking lot and man doesn't this thing vibrate! You apply the clutch and rev it up and it will vibrate so I know it's not the "final drive." It's the same engine, same carb, exhaust, etc. only thing different is the bike.

    Now while the engine was out I ported the exhaust to match the gasket, beveled intake and exhaust ports as well as removed some nasty casting material located in the intake port on the cylinder. I did also. " ramp" the piston but nothing crazy.

    Anyone got any ideas?
  5. butre

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    I had a super aggressive rear tire for a while and switching to a smoother Michelin Country Junior solved the vibration problem. even country juniors are aggressive but the one I had before made boggers look like slicks.