The new e-bike is finally on the road

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  1. Schwinn Landmark with an e-bikekit 500W direct drive front hub and a 36V-20Ah Ping battery.


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    That's one sharp looking bike. What are the cost & performance details?
  3. Thank you.

    Conversion kit from e-bikekit+shipping=$546.94
    Ping 36V,20Ah LiFePO4 battery+shipping=$579.00
    There are other items I haven't included, like polycarbonate fenders(aprox.$40.00), grips, lock, lights, etc. because I didn't keep track. Actual total is probably near $1,400.00.

    Performance: a touch over 20mph, I've seen 22 on the speedo during my short first run on level pavement. I haven't checked range yet, but hope to go around 25+ miles WOT on a charge with the mostly flat terrain around here and no pedalling. Acceleration is only slightly slower than my 1.6hp gas engined bikes.
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    I like the way you put it together, looks very clean and neat.

    20-22 mph top speed is not bad. I have a few gas bikes, one is capable of 65-70 mph but most of the time I am 25 or under, even with the fast bike.

    I also have one electric, I think the top speed is around 15 mph which is still o.k. but not sure of the range.

    I would like to hear how the range does on your bike.

    Thanks for posting the picture, I enjoyed seeing it.
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    Just wish those Ping batteries were cheaper,lol
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    ebikes have a tough sell compared to gas bikes at $200, twice the power and unlimited range. Someone needs to make a battery that packs a much energy/volume/cost as gasoline.
  8. Because gasoline has such an amazing high specific heat energy capacity, it is very unlikely to occur anytime soon. I had about $1,200.00-$1,300.00 in my last gas powered bike with a RS EHO35 on a GEBE system, so cost is more nearly equal when you compare electric to very high quality drives and engines.

    The lithium-iron-phosphate(LiFePO4) battery I'm using is pretty much state-of-the-art tech. I like it because while it is comparable to Lithium Ion batteries for energy density and weight, it won't burn/explode if over charged or over discharged. The materials it is made of are so nontoxic it can legally be discarded in a landfill, unlike lithium ion. It has an expected life of at least two years. Of course, it should be recycled, regardless.

    Since I had my last gas powered bike stolen from my basement, I can keep the e-bike in my living room where it is more secure. It's illegal(and stupid) to keep a gas vehicle with fuel aboard in a living space. The biggest advantage to electric is the almost complete lack of maintenance over and above normal bicycle maint. No oil, filter, or plug to change and no chains or belts to keep lubed and adjusted. The two bearings on the motor shaft are sealed units, so require little attention. Oh and it is nearly dead silent, only tire noise and a very slight hum are apparent. The biggest drawback is weight. This thing is as heavy as a dead preacher. I won't be pedaling it up any steep hills with the power off.
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    Good looking Ebike - its not a geekcycle.
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    K mart has a real cool chrome frame folding electric bike lithium battery.
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    The bike in that link is black but they do have a chrome one too.
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    what is life expectancy of the battery?
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    Those are the highest quality batteries lithium. They last the longest are the most expensive and lightweight, they recharge faster that ni-cad or lead acid. How long will they last I don't know.
  15. Time will tell on battery life. They are warrentied to produce at least 85% of full power for 2 years. People have been getting more than 1,500 full discharge-charge cycles, compared to about 600 (or fewer) cycles for lead acid batteries. Lead acid batteries should never be discharged 100% or they may not take a charge.
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    Here in San Francisco, a 48v 20a battery with a 1kw motor is the only way to run at least from bay to breakers but that battery is nearly a grand alone and the cold temps here from the fog make it seem impractical. Yet, I'm not passing on the idea just yet. Never say never,lol.
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    A fine looking machine you got there.