The new guy from Rockford IL.

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    Names Michael,
    I've been tinkering with motorcycles my whole life. I had some unfortunate luck with my license, which lead me to motored bikes. In Illinois it is legal to drive these with no license so I'm all over it. I've built cafe racers, lifted jeeps, dragster VW's, and all kinds of other mechanical monsters. So far in the motored bicycle world I've built a 72v 40 amp crystalyte hub motor full-suspension schwinn, a 2-stroke board track racer replica, and a four-stroke is in the process of being built. I'm hooked on the simplicity and benefits these vehicles provide and am currently considering becoming a builder and opening a shop here in Rockford, IL. T

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    Hi Michael, welcome to Motoredbikes! be sure to do some pics.
  3. Welcome sir! I'm a transplant to Colorado from Aledo( south of you) Must be nice to have all that oxygen down there for yer bikes to run on. Don't miss the humidity tho=) Good people here. And Your questions will be answered. Happy motoring!
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    I'm in town and looking for parts right now if you have anything you want to sell.
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    hi there glad to know some who is a old gear head like me. anything with wheels have a wrench must modify. i live right down hwy 39/51 in rochelle. good to see a fellow motorbiker so close. post some pics of your rigs. welcome!!