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    Hello, everyone. I've been experiencing much difficulty traveling through all of this digital "red tape" in order to post this. My name is Eric Childers and while my passion is in vintage bicycles I do tend to tinker with motorizing some of them. My main ride is a JC Higgins bike with a sears kit that was produced in the 60's and 70's for the sole purpose of motorizing a bike. The kit consists of a weedeater motor with bars which mount it securely to the front fork. A lever is used to lower the motor assembly tightly against the front wheel where a friction-drive wheel with a rubber treaded sleeve contacts the tire. You simply ride the bike up to a certain speed, lower the motor, and flip the start switch, and you no longer pedal. The lever can be raised to act as a neutral and I've gotten up to 35-40mph on flat land with it. I'm currently working on a chainsaw/bicycle project and look forward to enjoying much pleasant discussion with everyone. thanks

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    posting on this forum

    Now that I've fulfilled all criteria to be a member of thi forum, why am I not allowed to post replies? Also, since I'm new, if anybody has questions about me just fire them my way.
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    welcome to the site.yeah i have a friction drive weedeater dont cut no more grass :).
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    weedeater motors

    Hello, so is your weedeater setup home made or a kit? I have had trouble finding info on these sears kits. Even Sears didn't have any info other than the best spark plug to use. I'd like to find a way to date the engine at least. The parts other than the engine are not numbered. Also, if yours is homemade, what did you use for a drive wheel?