The new Whizzer kits from Tawain

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    I saw on the other forum a pic of a Boardtracker whizzer that was a new production and going to be available soon. Has anyone purchased one of the newer engine kits from same seller, and what are the pros and cons of them. This is the website.
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  2. chainmaker

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    What I'd like to know is...

    Are they really ready to plug and play or is motor work required to get them to operate properly, and what is needed.
  3. Racie35

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    Why would they need motor work? Where did that come from
  4. chainmaker

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    Just thread info about earlier versions, hoping these are good to go they would open up motor options for a lot of guys. C'mon someone or a couple guys who have them ....let us know!
  5. Racie35

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    I'm sure if they were bad you woulda heard? Don't fall into all the marlarky you hear from people selling "better" ideas or work
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    Hate to even post this but we just got one running that had a few issues. Wiring, carb jetting and crank was driven to the right where the crank and cam gear were touching. Looked like the engine had been dropped on the flywheel side. Now the little engine purrs like a kitten.
  7. Quenton Guenther

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    Sadly, the problems march on, and on.

    Look for the following issues:
    Blown head gasket
    Loose head bolts
    UN-believable head design [plug location, extra hole, small amount of small fins,bolt hole too near combustion chamber, etc]
    Massive oil leaks
    Excessive crankcase pressure
    16 MM carburetor [jetted way wrong]
    No right side lateral crankshaft support
    Flywheel too small
    Loose stator bolts
    Wiring harness wrong at CDI plug [get a lot of calls about no fire]
    Cylinder deck very rough [deep tool marks]
    Head bolts stretch [grade 5]

    This is simply a ripped off Whizzer design with a bunch of quality issues.

    Go ahead and buy them as they can be upgraded and made to work very well. Just don't hope to purchase the motor kit, Cruzzer kit, or whatever and expect it to be trouble free, because it is far from it.

    If anyone needs information about fixing these motors, I will gladly supply it as I work on several of these motors every month. I will gladly offer DIY solutions to anyone who asks. I can also supply pictures of all the needed modifications & upgrades to make these motors stay together.

    Just a quick fix for the defective wiring harness:
    Pin 5 and pin 6 are reversed at the CDI. There are two sections to the plug, pins 5 & 6 are located in the small CDI plug with two connectors. Simply reverse the two pins in the plug, and motor should fire.

    Have fun,
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  8. butterbean

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    Even without having heard anything about them (which I have and am smart enough to listen), I'd not expect a cheap taiwanese copy of a Whizzer engine to run as good as the real deal. Just consider that expectation for a moment. Sometimes what you hear ain't malarky, it's coming from experience. I don't own a Whizzer, but I do trust the knowledge of the experienced Whizzer guys on these forums. Quenton Guenther is one of the most experienced Whizzer guys out there, and I've heard it straight from his mouth that these taiwanese copies need a good bit of work to operate reliably. Maybe it's true that you shouldn't blindly believe everything you hear, but racie35 you seem to dismiss a lot of what you hear as unfounded misinformation. Not everyone is out to spread bad information or make a dishonest buck.
  9. Racie35

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    I agree they're not so great copies....not every one will have every problem though. They're also not cheap considering
  10. butterbean

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    The word "cheap" is not always used to describe cost. You ought to know that, seeing as how you're pushing 60. It's also true that not everyone will have every problem, but if I were to buy one of them, I'd be sending it straight to Quenton for a teardown and inspection, since I wouldn't know exactly what to look for and might not have all the necessary tools or skills to fix one. The point is, it's more likely than not that one of these engines will have some sort of problem, since it sounds like their quality control is only slightly better than the China girl factories. People are sharing this information so that others are aware of what they might be getting before they buy it. It's a heads up, not a scare tactic.
  11. atombikes

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    As a new owner of one of these Taiwanese "new" Whizzers, here's my viewpoint.

    I've always loved bicycles and riding them. I have never used a bicycle as my primary form of transportation, since I was a child. So, bicycles are a hobby for me. A properly fitted Whizzer has a special appeal to me. The slim-ness of the engine design is unique and probably it's key design feature. I love the sound of the flathead, 4 stroke engine. The vintage Whizzers are in a league with very few peers; most of which are more costly than the Whizzer (Marmon, etc). They are truly classic.

    The "new" Whizzer, however, also has it's benefits. I'm not sure the total production build quantities, but if you want to buy a "new" Whizzer, they are readily available and deals can be made. The design, while retaining the key design features (engine slim-ness and flathead 4 stroke) is a departure from the vintage Whizzers in most engineering aspects. I'm not sure why they did that?

    What the new Whizzer offers to me is a platform upon which I can customize the design to suit my taste, without fear of modifying a vintage Whizzer. And yet it's still a Whizzer. The parts are available and cheap. For instance, if I want to swap out my autoclutch for a manual clutch, I can go on ebay and buy all the necessary parts for under $100. If I blow the engine, new ones are available, and can be made to run relatively reliably for not alot of money. Cheap. The new "Cruzzers" are apparently an extension of this product line, so a readily available parts stream should be available into the future. Hopefully some of the design flaws will be fixed with new production runs to make the engines better.

    So I view these Taiwanese Whizzers with optimism, as I think they allow pretty much anyone who wants one the ability to own one. Just be prepared to do some work and spend some money, and don't rely on it as a primary form of transport.

    They're cool and fun to wrench on because they're so simple.
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  12. Quenton Guenther

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    MVC-773F.jpg MVC-296F.jpg Hi everyone,

    Sadly a large percentage of the issues mentioned are in fact in most of the motors. The best of the motors were the 2005 models, and the worst are the current versions. Over time, although an attempt was made to improve it, the Taiwan solutions only made things worse.

    The earlier motors sold by Whizzer USA only needed a few upgrades to make them durable, however the current copies from Taiwan need almost every fix I know to make them work correctly.

    A good example is the current head offered on the motor.

    It is a big "block" of aluminum, has very few fins, spark plugs location at wrong location, rear section of head has VERY LITTLE metal to seal against the cylinder & head gasket, etc.
    I will attach pictures of this and wait for a good reason why it was designed so poorly.

    Above all, these motors can be upgraded to work very well, just need a little solid logic, some TLC, and a few dollars to make the changes.

    There is one item that has been taken off the upgrade list... and it is the latest automatic clutch from Taiwan. He has managed to make it so it is next to impossible to fix. As always the bearing sleeve is SOFT, and has tool marks, insuring a very short lifespan. He reduced the mounting bolt distance and made it impossible to machine the sleeve to press a good bearing sleeve in place with enough surface to hold it. Oh well, given enough time, I guess anything could be engineered to stop working.

    If anyone needs any information on how to make these motor run and stay together, just ask.

    Have fun,
  13. mason_man

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    Find one on Craigslist, then do what you can. can't loose that way. i'm still using my WC-1's,and the NE-R has a 22mm carb. CVT works well. its gy5, wiring, look at honda pastport.

  14. Quenton Guenther

    Quenton Guenther Motored Bikes Sponsor

    Just want to present a different approach to obtaining a Whizzer.

    Instead of buying a known bunch of problems [new kit from Taiwan] , why not buy one of the earlier Whizzers sold from 1999 to 2009. It will surely cost less to make the earlier models durable. As an example the WC-1 cylinders on the 1999 to 2004 Whizzers can be now be fixed. I developed a way to keep the seats in the cylinders via set screws. The process for upgrading the earlier WC-1 cylinders is the same for upgrading the NE cylinders, so is the cost. The WC-1 motors won't need the expensive "mushroom" lifters, aluminum intake heat sync, carburetor jets, etc. The WC-1 heads will still need to be milled, a copper head gasket, and different muffler, [most NE motors will need the same].

    NE motors [Late 2004 to 2009] Most will need mushroom lifters, head milled, copper head gasket, some will need intake cooler, some won't. All will need new main jets, and cylinder upgrades, but most won't need new head, and will have upgradable automatic clutches.

    Upgrading the latest from Taiwan will require almost all the upgrades, as an example...
    the intake spacer is normally off by 1/4" and requires starting over. The head [see earlier post] is just a lost cause, because of heat and leakage issues. The mushroom lifters are soft, normally uneven base, and heavy, requiring an upgrade. Although it does have a copper head gasket, it to is useless, because of the very, very, very small distance from the combustion chamber to the rear head bolt hole. The 16 MM carburetor is "mouth" size, not venturi O.D. and is smaller than the original WC-1 carburetor. The flywheel is too small and makes the motor anemic at low RPM [not enough flywheel storage action].

    Enough.... as the list just goes on and on, hopefully everyone will see the economic value in looking for the authentic new edition Whizzers over the latest problems from Taiwan.

    Just look around and there are plenty of fantastic deals on used Whizzers. Also factor in, it will cost less to make them great.

    have fun,
  15. they will be nice intill they get your money thence when you complain about something which you will they'll give you the run around an as for any warranty well good luck this is all just my opinion