The Nightmare 50

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  1. Silverfiche

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    Thought I would post few pictures of my ride now that it is done.
    It is based on a Nirve Classic, with a Raw50cc motor. Brooks saddle and grips, Honda s90 tank, Sportsman Flyer bars and laidback post, Sturmey Archer xl-fdd front hub, custom tank badges, and Busch Muller lights.
    Feel free to ask questions it was a fun build.

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  2. Barry

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    WAY cool ride! Where did you get the seat post from?
  3. Silverfiche

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  4. BigBlue

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    Nice ride!

    AKA: BigBlue
  5. Max-M

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    Bravo! Any bicycle motorizing project is cool, but I really love seeing these high-end builds. Great work!
  6. Fabian

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    That's a great looking bike!
  7. wheelbender6

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    Cool. I had a Honda S90 with a tank like that.
  8. Silverfiche

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    Glad you all are liking my bike. The idea came while I was doing a restoration on a Honda s90. Let's just say it has awhile in the shop. Two old barn queens and still not all the parts I need :-(

    So I used one of 3 tanks to make this beauty. Glad I did too It's really fun to ride.
    My stable so far: '65 Honda ca77 , '65 Honda cm91, '65 Wards Riverside moped, 2 basket case '63 Honda s90, Nirve Classic motorized, and various bicycles.
  9. timtooth

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    I like that tank it look you have an speaker build in it :cool:
  10. PhilH

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  11. birdmannn101

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    I was planning to do the same thing but the tank looked too big and I was having problems trying to secure it to the frame. Did you use a dowel for the front? I see you used a large black rubber to secure the rear tab...Dan

    Here is what mine would look like s90tank.jpg
  12. Silverfiche

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    I actually cast a couple of brackets for the front and one for the rear so I could use bushings like normal up front. I will find the pics and post them when I can get to the computer, new puppy in the house so kind of busy keeping him occupied.
  13. Silverfiche

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    Dan, I looked around my laptop and camera cards... I guess I somehow never took a picture of the brackets.

    Yours might actually be easier than mine. it looks like where the front bumper grommets goes would sit between the two bars. So you could then weld or bolt in a block there and either drill it for a rod to fit the grommets or cast a bracket like mine. (i will take pictures in a day or two so you can see them.)

    The rear bracket was made to fit the odd profile of the nirve frame it is an aluminum cast with the "u" tab for the tank and a bolt that runs through the bracket and frame.

    The problem with the s90 tank is those bumpers the front ones must be very snug or the tank will wobble. also on mine since it sits so low I added a flexible ceramic hose to protect the fuel line from the heat of the head.

    I added a few images the xray is what you get when you use an angle grinder with a wire brush without a jacket on.

    The badges are another concern for the s90 tank I cast mine in resin impregnated with nickel silver that buffs out to a shine like pewter.

    The bracket image is what I cast to mount around my odd diameter frame

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