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  1. To you,
    Here's my bro's bike and my bike. I gotta Honda GHX50 with the Q-Matic Drive. Bro's got a HS142F with 4G with SBP shift kit. More pics will come later.

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  2. MotoMagz

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    Hi, how is the G4 with the SBP shift kit.I have heard the ratio is the problem.I was one of the Shift kit testers using the Grubee stage II.This set up it great.
  3. Knuckle_Duster

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    The 30T inner drive sprocket that SBP supplies as part of their 4-stroke shift kit is definitely too small, IMO. The bike tops out right around 30. I think that a 11T on jackshaft output and 36T on inner might take care of that. I'm even considering a 44T.

    Gearing issue aside, the 4G and shift kit seem to work very well together. I didn't have to modify the mount and the left-side crank arm just barely clears the 4G with cover installed. Keep in mind, I used the narrower "Honda" 4G. The standard version would definitely have crank interference!
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    Cool. Keep her locked up good. I read a post on the other site of a motorbike being stolen in SoCal.