The old jet size?

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    What do you think the best jet size would be on a 2010 66cc GTS w/speed carb. The elevation is right at 2000ft.

    Ok, and then, with a RockSolid (Reed Valve) at that same set-up & elevation?

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    My set up is a little different, 66cc slant head, Jaguar CDI, expansion chamber, a clone Dellorto carb, elevation 850 feet. Elevation makes a big difference, when I was running at sea level, the same jet was way too rich at 1500 feet. living now @ 850 feet, I went to a 62 Size jet, after I installed the Reed valve, I had dropped to 60.

    Sincerely, John
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    Yeah, I've done quite a bit of work to this bike.........I've got coming as well the RockSolid reed valve. I'll be using a speed carb with it. After the motor was milled down, SBP expansion, and Jag CDI, I'm trying to figure out what would be a good jet size to go with at 2000ft for reed valve.

    JV, I pray that this reed valve helps the torque, I'm chancing it, because I've been using a 7" extention intake, from jug to carb. Much,Much better torque, but I do believe that reed valve will even do better?!~ I'm hoping that with the higher compression that the reed valve is going to do its thing. I've port matched all, but not opened up engine?!!

    We'll see....................Did reed help yours? What kind?


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