The one and only from Alantic Canada!!

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Night_Rider, Sep 18, 2007.

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  1. Night_Rider

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    Hi My name is Matt, I live in Nova Scotia, Canada. Ive been at these forums for about a month and have spent many hours reading the post to educate myself so I do not do what others have done. My first project was just a plain 18 speed bicycle and the engine which was used, seized up so i junked it. Got my new motor today and I am in the minks of putting it on my new bike. Pic for the bike iam using is below. I will post my finished product in the proper section.

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    hiya matt, allow me to offer you a most hearty...

    welcome to MBc :cool:
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    Welcome to the group Matt.
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    welcome to MBc ! :D
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