The ONLY MB in Cincinnati!

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  1. Until I hear otherwise, I hereby declare that I am the ONLY motorbiker in the Cincinnati area. I am assuming the title of KING of MB's here in town, since I am the first, the one, the only. All who build and ride in this town and its environs must pay a tribute to me, the KING of MB's, in the amount of 30 lbs of grain, 2 goats, and a wench.

  2. er, I mean "wrench". hee hee
  3. 5-7HEAVEN

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    I have heard vague rumors there are two others of my kind in villages 20 miles to the east and the west. I have actually seen another MB'er in my town, but his engine lay dormant as he slowly pedalled away.

    Alas, I too may be the only dragon, er MB'er, left alive in this land.:confused:
  4. bluegoatwoods

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    I'd stick with "wench", Donald.

    After all, wrenches are a dime a dozen.
  5. NunyaBidness

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    so are wenches for that matter ;)
  6. I'm a one man motorbike gang.

    Zed's dead baby... Zed's dead.
  7. Don Brown

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    I have been riding my 2000 Whizzer for 8 years in Dayton Ohio and have yet to encounter another MB'er on the road. So I guess that makes me "King of MB's" in my town. Maybe it's because I don't ride too far from home, about 5 Miles is my limit. If it Quits I can still walk home!

  8. Mountainman

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    I wouldn't wish to play up that roll too much

    we just got word here at

    very large (680 lb) Harley -- biker -- gang member -- known as Big B
    looking to branch out in Cincinnati Ohio -- starting yet another new group of riding thugs
    to be called -- The Motor Bike Killers

    Big B was asked on the local news today
    if he for saw any up coming problems regarding the starting of his new Chapter
    Big B said -- problems -- heck no --
    just one little guy on his motor bike who thinks that he is the


    Big B said -- that once he has taken this title by MUCH FORCE -- before lunch
    from the little one
    all of Cincinnati will belong to the big guy

    ride that thing -- right out of town -- while you have the chance !!!
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