The perfect excuse



While agonizing over how I can get away with how I can run a Chinese two stroke without being pestered by a police officer in a country overrun with health and safety extremists, I come up with an idea. Claim that the engine is driving a low power electric motor. Heck, you could even get a plate engraved declaring the electric motor and the power output of the generator.

Has anyone got any other ideas?

Has anyone ever got their bike registered legally. Unfortunately all bikes with gas engines are considered mopeds here in England. If you want to register your vehicle in England you need to do some stupid approval test.

I don't think anybody would fall for it unfortunately. Sounds like the best option for a motorized bicycle in your case would be to make an overvolted electric bike with a large batt pack for extra range and speed. The only real benefit to motorizing a bicycle is that it doesn't need to be registered and inspected etc. If you have to go through that hassle and more you might as well just buy a moped :(
I've seen some VERY impressive ebikes though that have even more power than the gas kits. The price for them is probably thousands of dollars more though.
Yep, they would have to be pretty dum to fall for that one, but if it's stamped on the engine: they can't argue until they prove otherwise. It may be enough to get a police officer to go away.

I just finished watching Top Gear (it's a torrent thing...) and watched that episode where there was a race in England I guess between a boat going down the Thames,a large car,a bicycle and the bus/subway system. Who won?
The bicycle,followed by the boat then public transportation then 15 minutes later the car.
So the bottom line is a motored bike can go where any other bike can go and can go where a moped can't so get out on the road and pretend that you don't know or use my excuse and ask the officer how else your supposed to enjoy your bike cause you're fat...or at least I am...
Or I would go thru the hassle of registering it knowing full well your saving some valuable time commuting with it.
maybe this will help

As we all know the best way to defend ourselves against a police officer is to play dead. It works against even the biggest, meanest, frothing at the mouth grizzly bear in the wild. I'm sure it will work against one of those pesky enforcement officers.

:eek: I live in Canada. Here they tazer you first, then ask questions later.....if you live long enough you might be able to show them your drivers licence after the 9th shock :eek: