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    I just finished my 1956 Schwinn Phantom today.
    This time I used a ZoomBicycles engine with BikeBerry grips and a "home brew" tank and exhaust.
    First pic is the night I got it and the one has the 58 sears in it also.
    Thanks for looking!

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  2. Beautiful. You could lace a drum brake to the front wheel without ruining the looks.
  3. Hey Carnage! That looks great!

    I'm curious, what did you use for the exhaust? I was thinking of bending up some conduit pipe for my build if I could find something that is the right size. Did you just weld the muffler on the end? Any info is appreciated!



    Happy to hear you like it!
    I would love a drum brake on the front. Any idea where I can find one?
    The pipe is 3/4 inch conduit. The only problem is the $40.00 conduit bender needed to make it. I even tried filling it with sand and bending it around a form but couldn't get it right with out one. Stock header joined under the heat shield and stock muffler at the back. Conduit is painted with high temp silver.
    Pic shows bender and two failed attempts without it..

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  5. Chris Crew

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    Very nice work. The tank solution is beautiful.
  6. Excellent information Carnage. Thanks. I've been brewing ideas in my head for the past week or so of how I'm going to build my bike. I really like your exhaust and I've considered how I could make it work. Your info helps greatly. I would think that it keeps the sound down considerably also. Great work and thanks!
  7. Sturmy-Archer makes drum brakes for bikes and there are several other makes I can't remember right now. Your local bike shop can hook you up.
  8. Pa is a long way away but I lace wheels and have a sturmey Archer Xfdd 3 watt Generator/Drum hub Laced with 12 ga Lance ArmStrong Belgium Made SAPIM Spokes To a rim similar to the S2 Rims that cae on the phantom's.
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    I'm generally against messing with the classics, but this is TOTALLY working.
    Good job.


    Thank you NUTZ and I TOTALLY agree with
    I hate to see any classic hacked. I made sure everything I did could be "undone". The only thing was the rear fender needed cut for chain clearance. I got a repro fender to use only to find it was a repro on the bike already! Now the 58 was another story. It was found in a junk pile. Rust from one end to the other, many missing parts and no chance of restoration. I had no problem hacking it!!LOL.
    Hot Dog...Man, I want that hub!! It would be beautiful! I have to find a way to swing it. I am worried about the wheels matching. Do you think I could have it put into my wheel if needed? and where is Kelso?

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  11. Gnarled Lines

    The only difference is the lines that are on both sides of the rim face. There are'nt any on my rims. I have two replacements but those are 1946 and the originals to my 1946 whizzer. The replacements are Grey and can be had I would'nt cut the spokes off that original..Id order one and send it. I only use 12 ga with 11 ga sized Nipples.
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  13. I have a shelf full of X-fd Xfdd and the new 90mm drum with the 3 watt generator in it. Sturmey said they think Im the first one to get them. Derringer is supposed to be switching soon. He uses 13ga ended 14's They cut them for him. But they hooked me up a long time ago with thier suplier in the Central Easter States now I order from them through SPAIM in New Belgium. Big orders but I get the 12 ga' ers for the right price and THEY ARE QUALITYWow are they.
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    I love the classic look of your bike. The rear bag gas tank is a great touch, especially with a bike that already has one tank. Two thumbs up!:tt1::tt1:
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    good job

    bike looks awesome and i like your gas tank. Its kool