"The Poison That's Killing You"

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  1. Mountainman

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    "The Poison That's Killing You"

    You said you were done
    you said you were through
    please understand and see
    the poison that's killing you.

    Before your time
    it will make you feel old
    it's taking it's toll
    has such a strong hold.

    Are you going insane
    the devil wants that to be
    his grip is on you
    it's what he wants to see.

    Complete destruction of
    your family and home
    is what he's after
    the devil's on the roam.

    It will happen sooner than you think
    this will all come to it's ends
    the poison that's killing you
    will take away loved one's and friends.

    MM 06-12-05

  2. SimpleSimon

    SimpleSimon Active Member

    No disrespect intended, but in my view the single most perniciously deadly and poisonous idea or social meme to ever exist is the notion of god and the resultant religions.
  3. Mountainman

    Mountainman Active Member

    religion a poison to anyone else out there ??

    must have hit a nerve there SS
    most all poisons known to man fall in other areas for most
    guess your touchy spot is religion
    may just be the one and only unforgiveable sin
    that would make for an important study for a bright man

    question - how did the Bible predict all of those prophesies that have came true ?
    even talks exactly about what's happeneing today
    even Putin reads the Bible very often
    maybe he's smart enough to know
    it talks about Russia's end times role in there

  4. give me vtec

    give me vtec Active Member

    that is a pretty ignorant thing to say... faith aside, religion of all types are responsible for the most beautiful art, music, architecture, literature, and even science. Most milestones in our civilized culture has have been through the religious experience...

    the first known examples of written communications (cave paintings in Lascaux) were religious in nature. Johan Gutenberg invented the printing press to print the bible. A majority of modern law is descendant in one form or another from Jewish law. Modern music evolved out of Church hymns dedicated to Christ. Islamic art and mathematics were devoted to Allah. Eastern Chinese gave us medicine through their beliefs in the body and the cosmos. The television was even invented by an evangelist looking for a way to minister to more people.

    I could go on and on... but I wont. If you have enjoyed any of the things described above you should bite your tongue. I really pity you people with no faith. Life must be empty and meaningless. Without my faith in GOD I guess I would be a scientist to... always questioning why and how we are here as you float helplessly through life thinking you are the pinnacle of intelligent life and actually in control of your life.

    My grandma used to always say... I would rather be wrong in this life and there be nothing afterward, than to be wrong in the next life and end up in the wrong place.
  5. give me vtec

    give me vtec Active Member

    could you really picture life with no concept of GOD... or better yet an omnipotent all knowing and judging being? Don't you think life would be a little more chaotic... I mean with all the people running around doing what they want when they want with no concept of universal justice or that somebody is watching. I think it is safe to say organized religions and the "true believers" you claim are the problem, are really the glue that holds modern civilization together.
  6. SimpleSimon

    SimpleSimon Active Member

    And you are welcome to your beliefs.

    There is no way to know what works man and his societies might have achieved in the absence of religious systems of authority permeating our cultures. Equally, there is no way to discount the possibility that we might be better off than we are - it is unknowable. Contrary to your claim, there is no such thing as a "concept of universal justice" - every culture evolves its own standards of what constitutes justice.

    I go through my life happily absent any notion that any omnipotent or omniscient being exists or will judge me or anyone - I feel zero need for such magical thinking and such abdication of self-responsibility.

    As for your claims regarding the Lascaux cave paintings, religious symbolism is the interpretation attributed to them, in the total absence of any evidence beyond a tissue of interprative supposition.

    Save your pity, it is unwarranted. Lack of faith says nothing about about lack of goals and direction, it just places the responsibility for those things squarely where reality demonstrates they rest - upon the person and their choices. As for mankind being the "pinnacle of intelligent life", first you ought to define intelligence, then you develop methods to measure it in every way you can conceive, then you apply those measures as rationally and as dispassionately as you are able. From that data you attempt to create a theoretical model that further refines the concept of intelligence and suggests yet further ways to refine and test your predictions.

    It is a process not a conclusion, you see.

    As for the question of "What is the purpose of life?", the answer is simple, really.

  7. give me vtec

    give me vtec Active Member

    seems we have common ground here...
  8. give me vtec

    give me vtec Active Member

    SS can I ask you a question... do you believe in evolution?
  9. Mountainman

    Mountainman Active Member

    what is the purpose of life ?? two important laws

    man that is a sad self centered answer
    reminds me of that sad example of a guy singing
    "I Did it My Way"

    two important laws
    ((( to love our God with all of our hearts )))
    and ((( to love our neighbor as we love ourselfs )))
    not as easy as it sounds
    must take help from God so as to be able to accomplish this ??

    a question for our not so simple friend
    why is it in you that there is a basic wanting to be a nice guy ??
    is this just good old SS just wanting and being at most times good -- moral ??
    that's the advantage of knowing God
    no SS
    that part of you that wishes to do good was planted ((imprinted)) in your heart
    by God
    left to our own LIVING -- we would have no morals at all.....
  10. SimpleSimon

    SimpleSimon Active Member

    Believe in evolution? First, how are you using the word "believe"?

    If you are using it in the sense that most religious persons I know use it, then my answer is NO.

    Evolution is a theory. Which means that it is an attempt to explain the observed facts by logical, rational thought applied to them. In the case of evolutionary theory those facts include the fossil record, the many types of clearly related but seperate species of life in every category, huge amounts of physical evidence drawn from molecular genetics, etcetera.

    Like any theory, evolution is subject to further refinement and change as our available data increases and our understanding of the mechanisms of life increases.

    If your question were "Do you accept evolution?", my answer would be yes. Yes, I accept it as the best available model of how life actually works in this universe.

    Mountainman, you clearly do not understand the basic nature of the human animal. You think you do, and like most of the rest of your world view that "onderstanding" is predicated upon an authoritarian set of beliefs absolutely unsupported by any observable evidence.

    Man is an animal - a pack hunter/gatherer whose behavior is governed at its roots by a necessity for cooperative behavior due to the very long maturational period necessary before the individual is prepared to live independently, and by the fact that pooled effort has, through eons of evolution, been demonstrated to be effective in caring for the young, and providing for the group.

    Many animals are just such pack creatures - wolves, lions, all of the herd dwelliners, elephants, dolphins, etc. Why? Not because "God made them that way", but because it is a successful evolutionary strategy. Ever watched the TV program about meerkats? I had the privilege and the pleasure of spending many, many hours observing meerkats in their natural environment - similarly, I have spent hundreds of hours watching marmots and prairie dogs. Those little buggers are pack dwellers of a type fairly commom worldwide (marmots, prairie dogs, ground squirrels, rats, mice - the list is lengthy), and "altruistic" behavior is a common element in all such animals - one or more expose thenselves to the dangers of their environment to be "on watch", and warn everyone else if danger approaches. While "on watch" they cannot spare attention to gather food, to seek water, to engage in social play - they are responsible for the welfare of the group.

    Exactly those same types of forces function in human societies, which by their complexity and by the nature of man as the most verbally communicative land species (are we? - check out recent research about elephants) with the longest adolescence of all requires learned behaviors which we codify as "moral teachings".

    Not handed down from on high - learned at great expense and under much travail across the tens of thousands of generations of our evolution as a species. "Morality" comes not from any god, but from the practical necessities of group existence.
  11. eastwoodo4

    eastwoodo4 Member

    gods plan isnt for us to hang on earth for ever.just long enough to filter out the faithful.
  12. Mountainman

    Mountainman Active Member

    hope that I make that batch !!!

    hope that I am in that batch !!!

    I am to say the least a work in progress at most times
    a lot to shoot for following the Christ God Man

    many blessings sent from MM
  13. eastwoodo4

    eastwoodo4 Member

    im not in font of you in that line.believe me!
  14. scokes

    scokes Member

    Ha, the poison that's killing me is a 5'7" blonde and my two girls (12 and 2). Me and the dog are the only men around. It's no longer that time of the month, it's that time of the year.... Thank God for MBs
  15. SimpleSimon

    SimpleSimon Active Member

    You know what they say: Women - can't live with them, can't live without them!

    I've done both as an adult, and am now widowed - I gotta tell you scokes, count your blessings everday; never let them leave without telling them, I love you."

    You never know when it will be the last time you see them.
  16. scokes

    scokes Member

    bummer man, Beleive me, I don't. I definitely couldn't live without 'em. Sorry for your loss, SS.
  17. Mountainman

    Mountainman Active Member

    yes Simple S it wasn't a good day

    yes Simple S it wasn't a good day many many years ago for me (us)
    kissed the sweet wife THING good bye in the morning before going to work
    received a call a few hours later
    car accident -- she was gone
    hardest THING that I have ever had to do IN MY WHOLE LIFE
    telling a 3 year old boy (our son) that his mother was not comming home..

    to never go to bed at night
    with hardness in our hearts
    no matter how mad we think we might be
    never leave without the kiss of love -- had to explain -- may be the last...

  18. SimpleSimon

    SimpleSimon Active Member

    I got lucky - my vey last words to her were, "I love you, babe."

    90 minutes later she was dead, with five bullets in her.

    Never forget how precious they are to you, never part on angry words. Down that path lies bitterness and regret.
  19. give me vtec

    give me vtec Active Member

    My wife is pregnant now and I fear this scenario most in my life. We are blessed enough to both work from home so we spend most of our lives together. I have driven her everywhere since we found out we were expecting... if GOD wants to takes us he has to take us at the same time.
  20. give me vtec

    give me vtec Active Member

    sorry to hear of both of your losses MM and SS.